New Feedback Form

I’m very proud to unveil a new way for you, the populace, to give feedback to the Officers and Baronage of the Debatable Lands.

The Baronial Suggestion Box

The Suggestion Box is anonymous, however, there is space to enter your name and email address if you would prefer a direct response. You also have the option to submit your feedback anonymously, as that tends to clear barriers to offering honest, constructive feedback. This means that persistent problems are permitted to continue becoming a source of conflict, unhappiness, and apathy towards participating with the Barony.

It would be remiss of me if I did not address the flip side of anonymity, and that is the potential for abuse. If feedback is abusive or harassing, the form will no longer be anonymous. Feedback that points out an uncomfortable truth is not abuse or harassment. Personal attacks, rumormongering, abusive language, threats against someone’s safety, trolling (saying something deliberately offensive or provocative with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them), insults, and other forms of unacceptable behavior fall into the category of abuse and harassment. Please consider your words so we don’t have to remove this feature.

My promise to you as Seneschal is that your feedback will be listened to and taken seriously. This form is a tool to ensure that there is clear communication from the populace to the Baronage and Officers so that we may all improve and make an already amazing Barony even better.