Nope, this is nothing like the symbol for a popular social media platform.

Greetings, Gentles all!

I’m pleased to serve the Barony as your Social Media Deputy. My function is to ensure that all visitors to and users of Barony social media sites follow our policies. If it has been a while since you read the social media policies, please take a few minutes to remind yourself of them on our website:

In essence, please use common sense and courtesy. Keep things friendly, conflict-free, and accessible for all.

If you are not on social media or you do not have access to post on our blog, Stórfréttir, but you still need to make an announcement, contact me. I can help get your post published via the blog, and it will go to all our platforms, including Google+, Facebook, and the email list. If you don’t know whether your post is appropriate, run it by me and we can make sure it’s okay before it goes out.

Social media should also be about being social. Consider using the page for announcements that create community. If you are hosting or organizing a project day, post-revel, field trip, or other kind of get-together, please consider letting us know about it. The EXCEPTION of course is any martial activities not officially sanctioned by the Barony or other SCA branch. For anything else, like A&S, historical research, or just pure socializing, please feel free to contact me to help spread the word about your activity.

I look forward to taking on this position and I’m confident that the populace will continue to create a welcoming, encouraging environment on our media platforms. Ours is an active and diverse Barony, with a lot going on. It’s easy to miss out. Let’s showcase how much we do and make it easier for folks to join the fun.