St. Patrick’s Day Parade – 17 March 2018

This is a unique demo opportunity and a darn fine excuse to dress in medieval clothing, march along a parade route, and generally have fun. The parade is on the 17th of March and everyone is invited! ~Odriana

After last years’ successful parade, we’ve been invited to march again. So, put on your best garb or armor up and come down and join in the fun. If you can “Irish it up” that would be great. And I don’t mean accurate medieval Irish garb so much as putting a big green hat on or some other similar mundane holiday accessory. (My green, orange and white tie really made my Landsknecht armor pop!)

Right now I have a commitment for the same truck and trailer combo we had last year, so we’re going to go with that as our float. I still have those custom made banners, the ballista and that awesome throne.

The staging area will be on Liberty Ave, South Side. The exact spot will be sent to me once the Parade Committee has placed all of the entries. I think we were at the corner of 31st street last year. The truck team has to arrive at 8:30am. Marchers at 9. The parade starts at 10, but that is the front of the parade, we’ll be waiting a bit, so don’t worry about being a tad late.

There is room for riding on the trailer and the truck is a crew cab. We’d like to save these spots for people with mobility issues, but there should be enough room to swap out for a quick rest.

I will be posting the official Parade rules, but here are the ones I want to stress:

    It may be the St Paddy’s, but no drinking before or during the parade.
    No holding up the parade. Keep moving. If you want to stop and demo some fighting, fine, start at a point in front of our group and finish when the trailer passes you. (The parade does stop occasionally due to official reasons, so there will be plenty of opportunities to lay on)
    No political statements
    No throwing things into the crowd. You can hand out beads or candy or BMDL business cards or pamphlets.

There is a facebook event and it is also on the Baronial Calendar.