Pie! (Mmm, Pie)

Greetings, gentles all!

I hope you are all staying warm and dry this season. We are most definitely rounding the horn of winter, but I suspect that there is still come cold weather to endure before we well and truly emerge into spring.

And what could keep a body warmer than some hearty PIE? Beef and bacon pie, to be precise.

Posted here for the benefit of all, with permission from the cook, is a link to the recipe for the 16th-C beef and bacon pie, prepared by the Honorable Lady Astridr vigaskegg:

Beef and Bacon Pie

This might be a good time to practice for A&S competition season…or the autumn Barony Meeting pie contest….

Ever in Service,

Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres, OL