Archery Practice Cancelled for this Week

Due to the cold we will be postponing our weekend archery practice.

April 22nd we will be at the castle, 755 Stone Gate Dr. Wexford PA, for our Barony Archery Muster. Come join us to open the archery season, and shoot some fantastic targets by the honorable Lady Lucetta DiCosimo, and the honorable Lord Derek Archer will be running the shoot off the castle wall.

If you plan to attend and wish to shoot but don’t have your own equipment please let me know ahead of time and I will bring a loaner bow for your use. I do have 4 sets of youth equipment available. They will be first come first served, and will be asked to take turns after equipment has all been loaned out.

-Youre BMDL Captain of Archers Lady Katheryn Täntzel.

😊Hope to see you all there.😉