Baron Leonard the Younger

Greetings Debatable Lands,
As the Ice Dragon passes over our neighbors to the north, We come to you with sad tidings. Baron Leonard the Younger, modernly Leonard Loyd, passed away this week at his home. His family from out of town is making the funeral arrangements, and as soon as information is available We will post.

Baron Leonard the Younger was the Second Baron of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, serving our society in that office from 1979 to 1992, and a Master of the Laurel for Viking Studies. He was a world traveler and a story teller, and we are saddened by his loss. We as a Barony are less without him as a crucial part of our history. May the long ships speed him to Valhalla.

Please toast to his memory, and share a story of the old days. Len would have liked that.

Cheers to the Remembrance of Leonard,
Brandubh et Hilderun
In Leitate et Caritate

2 thoughts on “Baron Leonard the Younger”

  1. Most of you weren’t born when Len took over as Baron. The first baron of the BMDL was a political creature, who liked to play games. He came close to destroying the Barony, before he went to Harrisburgh. There were just a few people left when I came out here in AS 12. A lot of people worked to rebuild the BMDL. Most of them were the sort of gentles who treat awards like merit badges, and will back stab their friends to get another set of letters after their names. Then there were Len and Anne. Len loved the Society. He loved the viking age, and the arts of the period. Anne loved Len. They stayed out of the ugly little feuds that broke out way to often, among the locals. They were a strong and steady force, a voice of reason when one was needed, they encouraged the best in us, and discouraged the worst. They held the barony together through some difficult times.
    When they stepped down they were well loved and well respected.
    Len was infallibly kind and courteous, even to gentles, I know for a fact he had no damn use for. For that alone he deserves his crown in heaven or his seat in Valhalla, depending on your belief system.

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