Iron Comet Schedule

This Saturday June 23 is the fourth Iron Comet Challenge. All are welcome to participate in the Iron Comet Challenge, regardless of where you live. We will also be hosting the Debatable Lands Martial Champion tournaments at Iron Comet, open to residents of the Debatable Lands and gentles who bear a Green Comet.

To be eligible for the Iron Comet Challenge you must participate in 3 of the 4 martial disciplines and submit an A&S entry. Those who wish to participate in all martial forms can drop their lowest score from their total. Youth need to only participate in two martial forms and submit an A&S entry to be eligible for the Youth Iron Comet.

Here is the schedule of the day so that you don’t miss anything.

9:00 AM Site Opens
10:00 AM Fencing Tournament
11:30 Archery Tournament Youth Archery Tournament to happen during adult qualifiers
12:30 Performance A&S also deadline to drop off non performance A&S entries
1:30 Heavy Weapons Tournament
3:00 Thrown Weapons Tournament
4:00 Youth Combat Tournament
6:00 Court

In Service
Jorundr hinn Rotinn