Carnegie Science Center Demo

It brings me much sadness and disappointment to have to announce that we will not be participating in the CSC demo 21+ Night this year. There were significant changes to what they needed from us last year as far as insurance and, because it was new to even them, they did not have a real process for this. Their lawyers were not be able to promise that they would have the information required for enhanced insurance in time for us to make that request from Milpitas and have everything in place before the date of the demo. I had a very nice conversation with the Acting Director and he would very much like to have us participate next year and, for their part, they will be working on a process on their side so that things are more organized and timely. The CSC is as disappointed as we are, truly.

I would like to thank Lord Ronan and Lady Zianna for their work with this
over the last couple of years coordinating this event. Their effort and
energy was absolutely appreciated by me and the rest of the Barony.

Going forward, we are going to change some things about how we do larger
demos like this in order to avoid this kind of difficulty and so that we can
deliver the highest-quality experience for us and for the public. We are
also going to be looking at other, more education-centric, opportunities to
really highlight the best aspect of the SCA, participation and sharing our
skills and excitement with each other.

There are some upcoming Demos with CCAC South, the Ellis School, and others to look forward to and I hope that you will be able to make time to volunteer for those. Keep an eye out on the calendar and in the Facebook group for announcements about that.

If you have an idea for a demo, please contact either me or our Chatelaine, Elizabeth Parker (chatelaine (at) debatablelands (dot) org). We would love to do more of these and now that we are aware that more organizations are going to need enhanced insurance from us, we can avoid a situation like this in the future.