Off the Castle Wall Shoot.

More art for the targets to come but here’s the background for our shoot for tomorrow afternoon. 😉

Now I may have made this up, but deep within the woods used to reside an evil warlock. So their Excellencies sent out some of their most loyal soldiers to take down the warlock and free their woods from his evil. The soldiers did succeed in their task killing the evil conjurer, but with his dieing breath he cursed the soldier’s kingdom medallions turning them into mindless werewolfs.

Our task as Archer’s of the barony is to break those medallions and free the soldiers from their curse. We might even attempt to shoot down the moon. As without it our cursed brotheren will also be free.

Severed heads mock us as we make our attempt. So they make for good targets as well. 😉

Special thanks to Ronan and Lucetta for donating their time and art for the shoot.

Looking forward to seeing you all there tomorrow. 😉