Call for Letters – Minister of Arts and Sciences


As of June 1, Master Meszaros Janos is looking for an individual interested in taking on the position of Baronial A&S minister. This individual is best served by having the following qualifications:

  1. Paid member of the Society.
  2. Independently mobile, so as to be able to attend scheduled local, regional and Kingdom wide A&S functions.
  3. Highly self motivated to pull together a very large group of disparate peoples into a cohesive program of classes and activities.
  4. Capable of taking on a two year commitment to the Barony and the people therein.

Your responsibilities will include setting up a local class schedule, working with the Baronial Guilds to get them active again, setting up periodic A&S displays at local and regional events, working with other local and regional A&S ministers to promote the arts and sciences throughout the Barony and the region.

Interested parties should declare their interest, with supporting information on why they think they would be good in this position, to the A&S Minister (ansminister AT with a copy to the Baronial Seneschal (seneschal AT by 8 July 2016.