Greetings Debatable Lands!

Brandubh et Hilderun take great joy to announce the following changes to Our Baronial Champions:

We thank Lord Meinulfr Grimsson for his service over the past year as Our Thrown Weapons Champion. Meinulfr conducted a gloriously fun and challenging throw to determine his success today at thrown weapons practice and Lord Duncan MacCoulagh emerged victorious the new Debatable Lands Thrown Weapons Champion. Lord Ronan O’Conall agreed to stand as his second.

We further thank Lord Robert MacEwin of Thornhill for his service as Our Heavy Weapons Champion over the past year. Lord Robert conducted a double round robin tournament where all entrants fought each other twice. The tournament produced THLord Bors of Rouen and THLord Guillaume le Noir as the head of the pack. They faced each other in five passes and THLord Bors of Rouen was proclaimed the Baronial Heavy Weapons Champion. THLord Guilaume le Noir agreed to stand as his second.

So Vivant to our New Champions selected today Lord Duncan MacCoulagh Thrown weapons Champion and THLord Bors of Rouen Heavy Weapons Champion!

Brandubh et Hilderun
In Levitate et Caritate