Barony Meeting TODAY

The July Barony Meeting will be held TODAY Sunday, 21 July 2019 at 1:00 p.m. at the Washington Blvd Practice Site. The forecast is supposed to be hot and humid. If you want to be added to the docket, please contact Maighstir Kieran MacRae (herald at

This being the last Barony Meeting pre-Pennsic (next week, y’all), there are a zillion cool things happening all at once:

Tierrany is hosting a largesse workshop both before & after the Barony meeting, starting around 12 and ending when it ends.

Nicola will be bringing materials to make medallions – cords will be needed and they are seeking someone with the knowledge and materials to make them.

Eet Yeo will be helping us create fun yet simple leather items such as medallions and bracelets.

There will also be materials for felt dragons, colored pencil arrow sets, and bead strings. Tables are needed, if you have a table that you can bring, please do so!

Baroness Constance will be running the garb swap by the usual rules — Newcomers first then everyone else. We are also being asked to bring an item to donate to Paladin’s Pantry or CareBox Pittsburgh.. This is not a sale, this is a giveaway.

Immediately following the Barony Meeting, there will be a class for new Pennsic-goers called “So, it’s your first Pennsic” and taught by Lord Ronin. This is a valuable class that will give you a better idea of what to expect and what kinds of things you can do at Pennsic. Even if you’re not able to attend this year and would like to get an idea of what Pennsic is like, this class would also be useful for you.

If I’ve forgotten something – please let me know.