Larder Moving Day

August 24th is the big day to move the larder to its new home; maybe you have seen the announcement posted by Alaric inviting one and all to help.

If you like food – eating it, making it, watching cooking shows, whatever – you might want to come out for this day. We are blessed here in the Barony with an abundance of excellent cooks, and we have many events here and nearby with great sideboards and feasts. You might wonder how in the world we manage to pull off consistently yummy food. If you look behind the curtain, you’ll see that one of our secrets is our Larder! This is our collection of cooking gear: pots, pans, cauldrons, pancake flippers, measuring cups, pirogi makers, and many, many other doodads and gizmos.

Knowing what kitchen stuff belongs to the Barony helps in several ways. First, if you are cleaning up after feast, you’ll know what to pack in which tote boxes. Next, if you want to cook a thing, you’ll know if there is the correct equipment for your needs. Then, should you be checking stuff out of the larder or back in, you’ll know the process and methods in order to get the right stuff.

The larder is a valuable asset to us all here in the Barony so come and be introduced! August 24th is the day of the Great Larder Migration! Please come out and join us to transport the larder from Michelina’s to Alaric & Elsbeth’s. We’ll be meeting at Michelina’s (107 Mattier Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15238) at 11 am . Remember, pizza for helpers!

Please contact Alaric ( if you’re able to help.

Thanks, Elss Augsburg