June 2016 – Officer’s Meeting Minutes

Starting with the June 2016 Meeting, the minutes for Officer’s Meeting will be made available here on the Blog by the end of the month of that Officer’s Meeting. If you have any questions, please contact the Seneschal, Odriana vander Brugghe.

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Meeting Date: 1 June 2016
Minutes Recorded by: Odriana vander Brugghe, Seneschal

Baron, Brandubh O’Donnghaile
Baroness, Hilderun Hugelman
Seneschal, Odriana vander Brugghe
Herald, Jorundr hinn rotin
Knight Marshal, Isenwulf Thorolfsson
Exchequer, Hara Kikumatsu
Mistress of the Lists, Elizabeth Arrowsmith
Webminister, Ishiyama Gen’tarou Yori’ie

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Other Attendees-
Keiran MacRae, Ceindrech verch Elidir, Cairdha Eilis, Elizabeth Arrowsmith, Alethea Cowle, Alister MacLeod, Arthes MacLeod, Elß of Augsburg, Pavel Dudoladov, Liam Mac an T’soir, and Angus (Noah Ternullo)

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness
We have declared this the year of the towel. Will be making more and will have them at practices and at the reception at Pennsic. Congratulations to Lord Robert and THL Kieran our new champions. Baroness Soteria and Lord Yoshi, Kingdom Champions (Thrown Weapons and Archery). On the fighting front, Count Isenwulf will be unit commander. THL Jorundr fencing commander. Deadline for Pennsic pre-reg is in 18 days, “Debatable Lands” is the group, will have a camp meeting at an upcoming Fight Practice. We will have the next Baronial Court at Pennsic, then Archers to the Wald, and Agincourt. Steltonwald is holding a “Bad Italian Wedding” event the same weekend as Coronation. Seven Pearls Event is August 20th, 3-day camping event, the weekend after Pennsic. We are encouraging all Champs and their Seconds to attend this event. All of the 7Pearls events will happen there.

Things are progressing smoothly, nothing major to report. Pennsic is upcoming and the cook for the BMDL dinner will be Maighstir Liam Mac an tSoir. The dinner is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, 7 August 2016 at 6p. Awaiting confirmation from the scheduler for the AE encampment.

Not much to report. But, we had one returned check from Harlech and got a new check and we are waiting for it to clear. Also, jut any expenses that come up that were already approved, get receipts and get them to Hara ASAP.

Knight Marshal
All martial stuff is happening, going smoothly. On the HW front, THL Keiran has expressed a desire to do some command stuff and will be doing that.

Minister of Arts and Sciences

DO A&S! Attend AEthelmearc Academy next weekend down in Ballachlagan! On top of the classes, there will be an A&S display of works in progress. Come on down and talk to others working in your areas, take some classes and learn something new!

Calling for Letters – As of June 1, I am looking for an individual interested in taking on the position of Baronial A&S minister. This individual is best served by having the following qualifications:

1- Paid member of the Society.
2 – Independently mobile, so as to be able to attend scheduled local, regional and Kingdom wide A&S functions.
3 – Highly self-motivated to pull together a very large group of disparate peoples into a cohesive program of classes and activities.
4 – Capable of taking on a two-year commitment to the Barony and the people therein. Your responsibilities will include setting up a local class schedule, working with the Baronial Guilds to get them active again, setting up periodic A&S displays at local and regional events, working with other local and regional A&S ministers to promote the arts and sciences throughout the Barony and the region.

Interested parties should declare their interest, with supporting information on why they think they would be good in this position to the A&S Minister by July 8th. Applications being taken by e-mail (ansminister@debatablelands.org). Thank you in advance for your service.

We had a court at WP, the court report will be published shortly. Report sent in on time. More courts forthcoming.

Please ask everyone to submit articles.

Mistress of the Lists
We had Baronial Champions! We have a fencing and Heavy Weapons champions, reports already submitted.

Still have a website. We’re not on the list of webministers who forgot to send their reports. The blog is still going, most of the posts are being made by Ishiyama – PLEASE SUBMIT CONTENT! If you need a login, get in touch with Ishiyama at webminister@debatablelands.org.

Other Business
Baronial Policy
Realized a policy review would be A Good Idea when reviewing it to make some needed changes.
Asking for one volunteer, someone not in a position related to policy to help with policy review. We have one volunteer already, Ceindrech verch Elidir.and Pavel volunteered to help.

Mistress of the Lists
One Letter received, from Baroness Anna Eisenkopf. Baroness Anna selected to replace Baroness Elizabeth. THANK YOU to Baroness Elizabeth for her service.

One Letter received, from Lady Elizabeth Parker. Lady Libby selected to replace Lady Edana. THANK YOU to Lady Edana for her service.