1, 2, 3 Count! Count the Larder!

Velcome, Food Lovers, ha, ha, ha!

It is time to count and finish organizing the Baronial larder.

You can help on Sunday, October 6th (with a second day, if needed, on Sunday, October 13th). The start time will be 2 pm and will run to 6 pm. We will be taking pictures and deciding if there are any items that can be donated to the Auction of Desirable Things at 12th Night.

There will be chit-chat and cupcakes, so come and offer your opinions about the gadgets and utensils we have stashed away.

The location is Alaric & Elsbeth’s house (address can be found in the dark pages). If there are any questions, please contact us at alaric@pobox.com or elss.of.augsburg@gmail.com.

In Service,

Alaric and Elss

(Did you read this in the Count’s voice? Because I totally typed it that way!)