Two! Two! Day Two of Counting!

Velcome, Food Lovers, ha, ha, ha!

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Ve spent last Sunday diligently counting spoons and bowls and forks on TWO of our four shelves. Ve need just a leetle more effort to finish this all up.

Ve can do this with your help on Sunday, October 13th! The start time will be 2 pm and will run to 6 pm. Ve will be taking pictures and deciding if there are any items that can be donated to the Auction of Desirable Things at 12th Night.

There will be chit-chat and cupcakes, so come to offer your opinions about the gadgets and utensils ve have stashed away.

The location is again at Alaric & Elsbeth’s house (address can be found in the dark pages). If there are any questions, please contact us at or

In Service,

Alaric and Elss

(Did you read this in the Count’s voice? Ha! Ha! Ha!)