This Sunday, November 17th

1 PM at Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda’s house
(address in the Dark Pages or text or PM me)

An Exploration of Meatballs and Sauces


I had a request to show how to make meatballs, so I will bring beef, spices, utensils, and doodads to do so, and will also bring a mundane recipe and a medieval recipe if I can find one.

If you like food, come and join us! Eating is period, so we are doing a medieval thing. Bring ingredients, favorite or new recipes, any other stuff if you want to, and we will see what we can make of all the stuff.

We did this Mystery Cooking day once before and it was VERY yummy!

Pssst. You. Yes, you. I see you there, thinking you’ll sit at home on Sunday. Instead, come to this perfect small fun gathering so you can get to know a few of the folks in our fine Barony.

See you Sunday!
Elss Augsburg


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