Cookie Baking with the Food Guild!

COOKIE BAKING with the Food Guild!

DATE: Sunday, December 8, 2019
TIME: Noon-ish or 1-ish to start, 5 pm-ish or 6 pm-ish to end
Place: Brandie Lee’s House in Wexford

Love baking for the holidays? Need to test recipes for the Twelfth Night Baking Contest? Want tons of homemade cookies for Santa?

Bring your recipes and your ingredients, mix ‘em up and bake ‘em in Tierrany Rose’s kitchen in Wexford, or bring your frozen cookie dough and bake with us. Want to swap cookies? Great! Bring something to trade. Want to sip hot beverages and nibble and chat? Yay! Tierrany will have coffee and teas ready to enjoy. There may be an outbreak of largess making, you never know.

Kids are welcome and so are other random family and friends; there are three kitties living there, so medicate as appropriate.

To get the address, check the Dark Pages at or email me at, or if you are on Facebook, send a PM to Brandie Lee or Elss Augsburg. You can also text me at 724.759.3333. To see the Food Guild on FB, go to

See you there!
Elss Augsburg