Thank you to the staff, helpers, and attendees of the BMDL 12th night event.

Best wishes to all. This past twelfth night was wonderful and couldn’t have happened as wonderfully as it did without these generous and kind individuals.

Firstly to lady Melodia, who helped me put the event together and to run it. It was wonderful and a huge help to have your help with all the communications and organizing.

For the decorations and Pie-a-Peer auction, Mistress Arianna of Winthrop, thank-you so much the decorations we’re wonderful as always and the auction was hysterical and a great benefit to the barony. And thank you to all the peers who donated their faces to the cause.

To the BMDL Choir for their beautiful performance.

To Lady Ranka and everyone who participated in the youth quest.

To All of Igenisii, for the court of misrule and their performance.

And to Master Alaric and Master Creador for their jousting duel during Misrule court. It was hysterical and wonderful to have.

To Lady Dorthea, for running the potluck in the kitchen all day.

To Lady Arthris and all who helped her run the silent auction tables.

To Lord Kuma for organizing the vendors. Thank you again.

And to Lord Ronan for running troll.

And to Lady Aíbell for the crafts wonderful crafts corner.

To Master Ulliam and Mistress Contance, for all the fun and excitement of May I Hit You with My Salted Fish.

To Lady Beatrix and Lady Prima for running the Bardic and A&S competitions.

To my teacher Urho, who always runs and man’s the cookie table and competition.

And to the brewers guild for their tasty tasty fruitful work.

And thank you to everyone who attended the event. All together the event made money for the Barony, and will help us all with more of what we love to do. Thank you so much, and we look forward to seeing you next year.