Thinking of You

Hello Debatable Lands, from Baroness Hilda! Salve Accolens!

I’m writing to say, I’m thinking of you. Tonight would have been our annual Pennsic Baronial Reception, in a different world. A few hours where our Baronial folks come together, just to chat, eat, see each other… one of my very favorite times different Baronial communities mingle and catch up. Sun or rain, the warmth in our hearts and smiles on our faces are always quite the balm for the soul. We are missing you tonight.

I hope that, this week of all weeks, each of you will reach out to an old friend, or someone you only see at events, someone outside your normal group communications…. At Pennsic we run into these folks that feed our spirits all the time. This year, we must be more deliberate…. Reach out to each other, my friends!

I also wanted to share this bit of Episode 5 of AE Live, the King and Queen’s virtual show, hosted by Baron Brandubh. The theme was “Bling and Brag”, and His Excellency chose to share a video brag, created by Mistress Arianna, of YOU, his Barony.

Here’s the link, video fro 8.50 to 10.45:

Thanks to His Excellency Brandubh, Mistress Arianna, and my beloved Debatable Choir.

See you in the AEther!

In Levitate et Caritate,
Baroness Hilda