On the Cancellation of 12th Night

Salve Accolens! Hello Neighbors!

You may be wondering about our cheery salutation, in light of the recent news that our local 12th Night has been cancelled (read the announcement here: http://debatablelands.org/blog/?p=5471). Though it is sad news, our hearts remain light, as this wise decision protects our people. The plague in our Lands is far more vicious now than it has ever been. We are happy and relieved our people can be safe in this one small way.

We also remain confident that, like previous years, as the air warms, the danger will subside. We have therefore postponed our Baronial Court, Baronial A&S Championship, and Baronial Bardic Championship. Exactly when remains to be seen, as the situation is evolving. But we do have some ideas, and will communicate them when plans come together.

We want to thank our Signet, THL Rachel, and all the scribes and wordsmiths who have worked on the award scrolls for 12th Night Court. They will absolutely find their recipients within the next few months. Thank you to the bards and artisans preparing your offerings for the Championships. We are but shortly delayed in these activities (hey, you have extra time!).

Special thanks to Lady Melodia, the event steward, and her staff, for the work that they have put in, with love.

Thank you, too, to Master Illadore, Duke Christopher, Their Majesties, and THL Muirgheal for holding the people of our Barony and our neighbors, friends and loved ones in good keeping.

In Levitate et Caritate, and Cheers,

Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda