April 2nd Fight Practice Updates and Reminders

Hello Debatable Lands! Salve Accolens!

The Debatable Lands is so excited to be able to host this special fight practice! It will be a glorious day of fighting and camaraderie!

Tl; dr, or: Handy Packing Checklist!

— Proof of vaccination or negative Covid test (or electronic copy)
— Your membership card if you have one (or electronic copy)
— Your auth card or equivalent (or electronic copy), for heavy and rapier fighters
— Warm clothes, boots, walking stick, a hat (it should be sunny), a change of socks
— Your banners and something to hang them with (if you like)
— Food and non-alcoholic drink (if you like), and a drinking vessel
— Your armor and weapons, for heavy and rapier fighters
— Words of wisdom for THL Boden and Comtesse Elena
— Directions or GPS or Map app (take Saltsburg and New Texas, not Centerview til the last part)

More detailed: We’d like to remind everyone that this is a practice, with practice-level amenities. With that in mind:

Just a few updates and reminders for this Saturday’s Special Fight Practice and Royal Court in Boyce Park, Silver Beaver Shelter:

  1. For more details, including a schedule, see our website or this previous post.
  2. Both morning and afternoon Court will be streamed here. You do not need a Facebook account to view.
  3. There is a playground on site, on the far side of the field.
  4. Dogs are allowed on site, but not on the ball field, which is likely where the vigils and fighting will be (sorry!). ADA animals are allowed on the entire site.
  5. We will not have directional signs. Please plan your route ahead of time or use GPS or a map app to get to Silver Beaver Shelter in Boyce Park (site location). BUT! Do not take Centerview Dr the whole way from the park entrance – it’s an access road. Take Saltsburg Rd and/or New Texas Rd, with Centerview on the last little bit.
  6. The weather will be about 50 degrees, and the fields are likely to be pretty squishy. Please attire accordingly. As this is a practice, not an event, garb is welcome, but not required.
  7. The short ways from the parking to the pavilion and the pavilion to the field have grassy inclines. Consider this when planning. You may want to bring a walking stick. There are longer ways around that are easier and graveled, but they are longer.
  8. If the parking lot fills up, you are welcome to park by the tennis courts. There is plenty of parking, but please do park politely!
  9. There are no changing rooms or water fountains. We will provide water in jugs for drinking. You are welcome to bring and eat/drink your own refreshments. No alcohol.
  10. The porta-potty on site is wheelchair accessible. Do not change in it. While we were not able to secure a second porta-potty, there are a couple more in the next shelter over, about 200 yards away (not convenient, but they are there).
  11. We follow the CovidSafe Rules. All attendees MUST check in before proceeding to the rest of the site, and must provide proof of vaccination or proof of a negative Covid test within 72 hours. This must be from a medical provider (doctor or pharmacy or similar); home tests do not count. This is Kingdom policy. See the link for more details, and for info on masking.

Looking forward to seeing you there!