Have You Pre-Regged for Pennsic? Deadline Approaches!

Salve Accolens! Hello Debatable Lands and Neighbors!

If you’re attending Pennsic this year, the deadline to pre-register is approaching! Online pre-registration for land allocation ends June 16th!

If you are planning to camp with the Debatable Lands, you MUST pre-register by June 16th (not the later, unpaid deadline). Our Baronial camp welcomes all Debatable Landers and friends, provided all campers are pre-registered (paid), and provided you follow the rules. Our camp name is “Debatable Lands“.

Also, all who register to camp with the Debatable Lands should contact our Camp Reeve, Master Emrys (called Broom), for to get and provide more details. You can email him at iambroom@gmail.com.

If you’re planning to camp with another camp, please do make sure you’re in contact with their camp leadership about their rules and requirements.

Hoo doggies! It’s getting exciting now! Where’s all my Pennsic garb?!?!

See https://www.cooperslake.com/prereg/account/index.php for more pre-reg info.

Not sure what this is all about? Contact our newcomer contact to find out! Chatelaine@debatablelands.org

In Levitate et Caritate,

~Baroness Hilda