Attention Marshals – Navagating the Earl Marshal Website

Greetings Noble Populace, especially Warranted Marshals.

Please take a moment to refamiliarize yourselves with the Earl Marshal’s website! Its crammed full of useful information with its last updates! Please check your entry in the roster of marshals and confirm that you are up to date. [If you are working with youth, please remember to check your background clearance & resubmit a request if you need an update to one]

Website location:

All the policies for the marshal disciplines is now located in one central place.

All of the waivers needed for the marshal disciplines are now located on this site.

You can also find all the online submissions for your warrant process and reporting!

I would like to draw your attention to two specific reports; Injury and Incident. If we have any need to use these forms you should be entering them in within 2 days of the reported issue. Please remember to send this report to your Autocrat and the Seneschal so that we are aware of any issues and can support and assist you.

If someone is hurt while at a practice or event, you must submit an injury report & you can do so online here;

If someone is unsafe or breaking the marshal policies for a discipline, when on your field at a practice or event; you should be reporting that to

In Service,