New Defender of the Sky – Lord Ronan!

Congratulations to Lord Ronan O Connaill, the new Vindex Coelorum, Defender of the Sky, in the Archery list of our Stellar Tournaments!

Ronan proved victorious out of about a dozen awesome archers in 3+ rounds of gnome-y fun, at a shoot designed and kindly run by Lord Godzimir (formerly Lord Godfrey). The final round came down to a tie between Lord Ronan and Lord Niall, to defeat the gnome king. Lord Ronan emerged victorious.

Congrats to Ronan, and thanks to Gozimir, Elle, the Archery Guild, our marshals, and all the archers! VIVANT!

And quick reminder – the first Baronial archery championship in three years will be on Sunday, July 17th at practice.

Heavy Champs will also be July 17th. Thrown weapons and Fencing Baronial Champs will be on Sunday, July 24th at their respective practices.