Heavy Fighters to the Bridge! Thursday!

Hello Debatable Lands! Salve Accolens!

Peace has been interrupted! War is declared! AEthelmearc fights with the MidRealm!

Knights! Masters of Arms! Gages, Alces! Iron/Red Comets! Those who aspire to to heavy arms! We are calling all Baronial Heavy Fighters, Households, Unaffiliated Fighters, and Neighbors to gather under the glorious Comet Banner, and fight with the Debatable Lands during the Bridge Battle Thursday morning of War Week.

Your Battle Commander is Sir Bors of Rouen, and will be found that day in the vicinity of Their Majesties.

While we’re not fielding a unit during the entirely of War (due to “easy mode” Pennsic – it’s been a strange couple of years), folks in our fighting community indicated that they want to feel the Camaraderie of the Comet at least once this War! Let’s give it to them! Non-fighters, and those not fighting in the Bridge Battle – please come out on cheer our mighty battle unit on!

A great benefit to gathering at the Bridge: Watch our very own Knight Marshal, THL Guillaume, be Knighted at the hands of His Majesty, just after the battles are done. It’s sure to be moving, indeed!

We also invite all unaffiliated fighters whose eyes land upon these words, to find a member of the Debatable Lands to fight with on the field on other days as well! Sir Bors can help you to find your place on the fields of War.