Barony Social Tomorrow: Yes Classes! Yes fighting!

Yes, we have classes!
Theory of Mounted Archery- Gesa Wellenstein
Whipcord- Rufina Lisa Rodriguez
Intro Scribal- Rachel Alison
tentative- thrown weapons class
Knots- Joe Broom Marfice
tentative archery class
2:30 Embroidery- Raven
3:00 Embroidery continued
Choir sing-along Arianna
Lashing- Kit
Period fencing manuals- Irene and Jorundr

AND, Hot off the press! Monroeville has approved us using weapons for sport- so we can have martial activities tomorrow. Bring your gear, bring your Marshall, and we’ll find you space!

Remember, court is at 4. Garb is optional, but encouraged. After all, do you really want to get called into court naked?