ISO: Groups, Guilds, Meetings, and Practices

Hello everyone!

Coming to you live and in technicolor, it’s your chatelaine Svava! I’m actually in a bit of a pickle and looking for assistance from everyone.

As you know, part of my role is helping folks new to the SCA and new to the area find their niche in our game. From rapier to scribal to cooking and forestry, we have so many wonderful groups and guilds in our barony. I love seeing the various ways people play in the SCA and the different interests one could explore! I’d love to help people find new parts of the SCA they can fall in love with.


Finding the information about these groups and their meetings is rough, even for me. If you run any official SCA activity in the barony could you please take a moment to check if it’s listed correctly on the baronial calendar and under the What We Do header on the website? This would help me guide folks curious about your area of interest to you AND show what a vibrant and active community we have in the barony.

If you find your meeting or practice information is incorrect or missing, please reach out to the Web Minister at

Thank You Kindly,