A&S at Archery Muster

Greetings, Debatable Landers!

Recently, we have learned about quite a few new things at A&S, and perhaps, like me, you have a few unfinished things to, well, finish up. How’s that naalbinding going? Finish your St Brigitta’s cap yet? Doing OK with those comets?

Come to the Archery Muster this Sunday, April 9th at the Castle. Bring those unfinished projects with you and we will see about getting them completed! I will have my sewing stuff, embroidery threads, an inkle loom, beads, a couple of books, and other bits and bobs, just in case. Join me in the great room with your projects!

If you need directions, more info, whatever, just ask.

Elss Augsburg
BMDL Minister of A&S