Fencing Practice Continues and an Invasion


We will be fencing this Sunday at the ECS from 2-6 as usual. so come on down and stab people. I will have the loaner gear as usual.

Next week we cannot use the ECS so we have set our sights on a fine bit of land to our South. The Barony will be invading Ballachlagan on Sunday February 28, so come with us and fight new people, practice some melee techniques, and assimilate Ballachlagan under the Comet Banner! Their practice starts at 1PM at:

Warwood Middle School
Wheeling, WV 26003


2 thoughts on “Fencing Practice Continues and an Invasion”

  1. Well, newcomers are always welcome, but you might find a combined practice like this to be a bit confusing. At a regular practice, the Marshal of Fence is more likely to know who is new to the Barony and be able help you get set up and checked out. If you won’t mind jumping right into a possibly chaotic situation, you can probably work it out, though.

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