Scriptorium This Wednesday: Holiday Card Spectacular!

Unto the Barony, greetings from Kameshima, Scribal Guildmaster! This is your reminder that the monthly Scriptorium will be held this Wednesday.

Scriptorium is the monthly gathering of calligraphers, illuminators, wordsmiths, and anyone interested in taking up and learning more about these creative arts. We welcome all skill levels, from the most accomplished Laurels to those that have never picked up a pen or a brush. Become part of creating the atmosphere and visual splendor of the SCA!

This month, join us on Wednesday, December 21st, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at Kameshima and Isabel’s house in the North Hills. (Our address is listed in the Dark Pages, or you can contact us at scriptorium at debatablelands dot org for more information.) We will be celebrating the winter holidays by hosting a Holiday Card Spectacular!

We will be providing blank cards, some basic patterns, and materials — though experienced scribes are encouraged to bring your own as well — for the creation of illuminated cards! These cards can be used to celebrate the holiday season, as a special “thank you” card for the giver of that perfect gift, or just made to keep in reserve for that surprise occasion where nothing can express the sentiment quite like a hand-made piece of art.

Please be aware, our house contains a cat, a dog, and an infant: medicate or otherwise prepare yourself as necessary.

In Honor and Service,
Kameshima Zentarō Umakai
Baronial Scribal Guildmaster

The Fiber Guild at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum


From Luceta on the unofficial BMDL Facebook Group:

The Fiber Guild had demo in the children’s museum last Thursday (8 December 2016), and it went smashingly well. Many many thanks to Rivka for spinning, and carding ,and making dozens of fluffy sheep with the youngest museum goers, and to Rufina for getting in touch with the museum at the Makers’ Faire, which started this whole thing. (Also many thanks to Angus for printing and cutting out all those sheep.)
The museum was very happy with us, and would like to have us back! So those of you who started their clearance paperwork, but couldn’t have it processed in time – there will be more opportunities!

We had a great space the studio, and a very official poster (in pictures) and lots of visitors! It was wonderful to talk to the kids and their parents about wool, and seeing their eyes light up when they get to touch the wool and spin the wheel, and pet the sheep puppet. (Greatest epiphany of the day:” Mom, look, they have the same glue as us!”) here are some pictures!

The sign outside of the demo room.
The sign outside of the demo room.
Luceta di Cosimo and Rivka bat Daniyal
Luceta di Cosimo and Rivka bat Daniyal
Luceta showing a museum patron how to spin fiber on a wheel.
Luceta showing a museum patron how to spin fiber on a wheel.

Winter Fencing Practices


We have now switched to our winter site for this year, the Pittsburgh Chinese Church and will be there through the winter months from 2-6 on Sundays.

We will not be holding practice on Sunday December 25 and Sunday January 1, as a poll of the regular attendees said that most people would be inexplicably busy or recovering from the night before on those days.


Fencing Practice This Sunday 11/27


We will be having fencing practice this Sunday, going forward we will be reverting to our winter time of 2pm – 6pm.

Our location this week is once again the Pittsburgh Chinese Church at 8711 Old Perry Hwy, Pittsburgh, PA 15237.

We will be in the large activity room we used last time we were at the PCC on the second floor.

Our start time will be shortly after the ending of church services, so be polite with your parking.


Seeking Letters of Intent for Comet Pursuivant


As a followup to my previous post, I am still seeking letters of intent for the office of Comet Pursuivant, Baronial Herald. To this date I have received none. Please send your letters of intent to myself at “herald at” and Odrianna, the Baronial Seneschal at “seneschal at” or hand deliver them at the Officer’s meeting December 7 when the office changeover happens.


I will repost here the requirements for the office in case you missed them last time.

1) Coordinating with Their Excellencies regarding Their 5-8 courts a year (Comet does not need to run them all, coordinating deputies is perfectly viable)2) Being the point person for heraldic submissions (again Comet need not actually do the submissions you can instead direct inquires to our local heralds who are skilled in and enjoy armorial and name heraldry)

3)Running the official portion of the 6 barony meetings that we have each year.

4) Being the second ranking officer of the barony and part of the financial committee

5)Coordinating efforts towards heraldic education and preparing your successor

6) Maintaining the Baronial OP (this also does not need to be personally done by Comet, a deputy could be placed in charge of this, and will require coordination with the Webminister to continue doing it)