May Barony Meeting TOMORROW


Get ready Debatable Lands for the biggest, most exciting Barony Meeting the month of May has to offer!

From 2:00 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. (ish) there will be —

RIVETING Officer’s Reports
STUPENDOUS information about a Known World Baronial Youth Tournament sponsored by our AMAZING Baroness.
WONDROUS news about the Lawrenceville Memorial Day Parade on Monday that will bring as much GLORY as number of people marching with us.
Finally, we will have an update about the INCREDIBLE Known World Scribes and Heralds event coming up in just two weeks as well as the ability to write a MAGESTIC check for pre-registration and hand it to the Reservations Clerk.

If you have something AWESOME going on that you’d like to tell the Barony about, please contact Odriana at jenn(dot)strobel@gmail(dot)com to get on the Agenda beforehand. Or, come on down and catch me before the meeting.

For non-stop heart-pounding information sharing and announcements come on down to the Washington Blvd practice site (map and directions) at 2:00 p.m. You can bring a whole seat, but you’ll only need THE EDGE.

Fight Practice May 27

Weather permitting, there will be Heavy Weapons practice on Sunday May 27, starting after the Barony meeting (expected to end about 3:30) until 6, at the Washington Blvd site. Loaner armor will be available.
There is usually at least two marshals present, so we can probably do authorizations when people are ready.
I hope to see many of you there.

May Barony Meeting

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to unwind after War Practice, we’re having our May Barony Meeting this Sunday, 27 May 2018 at the Washington Blvd practice site (map and directions) starting at 2:00 p.m. and going until around 3:30 p.m.

There will be lots of information at this meeting – Jasmine will share some information about the Known World Baronial Youth Tournament (Sponsored by Baroness Hilda), there will be Baronial sashes to model, and the final information about the Memorial Day Parade in Lawrenceville on Monday morning.

There is a facebook event created for the Memorial Day Parade if you’d like to let Yingerz know that you can participate — Lawrenceville Memorial Day Parade Otherwise, please contact Yingerz at ying762 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

If you have cool stuff going on that you’d like to let the Barony know about, please come and join us and tell us all about it.

If you have any questions, please contact Odriana at jenn(dot)strobel@gmail(dot)com.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Brewers Guild – Next Meeting May 30

Hello Brewers!

Please note the change in date and location for the “June” meeting of the Brewers Guild.
Our next meeting will be held one week earlier than usual: next Wednesday, May 30, and we will be meeting at Tofi’s House: 1710 Renton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15229
(Time is the same: 7pm)

We will be starting a few beverages for the Baronial dinner at Pennsic, so please join us! Be sure to bring something you’ve made (or just enjoy) that you would like to share and discuss.


KWHSS: Upcoming Deadlines

Oyez, Oyez!
Some more information and updates for the KWHSS event!
IMPORTANT: The deadline for reserving a hotel room in the room block is tomorrow (May 17th, 2018). If the hotel reservation website says there aren’t any available please contact the event stewards at so they can ask the hotel to add some rooms to the block. After tomorrow, please contact the hotel directly. Rooms can be reserved from the link on our hotel page:
We have added information about other activities at the event. Please see the page on our website:
If you need help coordinating transportation to / from the airport or the Friday reception, please see our transportation page:
Are you planning to teach a class? If so, please sign up before May 24th, 2018 from our classes information page: You can also check out the planned classes as well!
Have you made your reservation yet? The deadline for the discounted pre-registered rate for the event is May 31st, 2018. Registering early helps us plan for lunch.
Field Trip!!! For those arriving earlier on Friday we have arranged some time at the Hunt Library of Carnegie Mellon University. Check out the field trip page:
Stay tuned for further updates!
In Service,
Baron Alaric and THLady Raven
Event Stewards KWHSS 2018

Sewing circle for BMDL baldrics Wednesday!

Good evening Debatable Landers! This is to remind everyone that there will be a sewing circle at Mistress T’svee’a’s (5167 Rosecrest Dr., Pgh 15201) on Wednesday, May 16th, from 7:30 – 9:30, for the purpose of making baldrics for use this Pennsic! Be a part of many hands making light work! Fighters, c’mon and help make us look pretty on the battlefield! I hope to see many of you there, and thank you!

Your Unit Commander,


War Practice Info – Unofficial

Hello Debatable Lands!

The Shire of Steltonwald’s War Practice Staff has been posting some updates on Facebook (and other media, too). For those of you not on that venue, here is what I know (I am only gathering, this is not official at all…apologies for any inaccuracies, please comment if you see one):

Official War Practice Webpage

Gate Info
-For most of it, see link above.
-This year, you will pay by the day you arrive, regardless of whether you are camping.
-RVs: “There is an area on the serengeti behind troll. If you plan to hookup to electric an sewers there is a 10 dollar per day fee. just let troll know when you arrive”
-No one will be admitted after 3pm Saturday. (This is not a change from previous years)

The Order Meeting tent is in the Woodland Watch Camp (which is where AE Royal is this year). West of the old barn/campstore, sort of the top of Runestone Hill nearish to the gate to Curry Road

Order of the Laurel: 9am- 10am (update: no meeting)
Order of the Millrind: 12pm-1pm, Saturday
Order of the Fleur: 1pm-2pm, Saturday
Chatelaine’s Meeting: 3pm -4pm, Saturday

Curia: 10am, Sunday, A&S Pavilion (where Chirurgeons Point is at Pennsic)

AA meeting: down at the lake by Willow Point on Saturday from 8:00-9:00 am Saturday. Blue and yellow marquee. (Privately run)

-Breakfast: In the Bathhouse this year, I believe
Saturday & Sunday 7:30am-1:30pm (free – run by the Scribes)
Food Merchants: Beast & Boar, and Coopers Store

Class List & Activities
There is an A&S village at the pavilion where the Chirurgeons are at Pennsic:
-There is only one pavillion; using the four corners it will allow up to 4 different activities happening at once.
-There are 3 A&S tents, they will have banners letting you know if it’s Tent 1, 2 or 3.
-There are 2 scribal tents. On Friday one will have scribal classes. On Saturday will be Scribal banner painting in one, scribal playtime/lutrell psalter competition in the other.
-For those wishing to have an artisan’s playtime, we have lots of room for byo tents & pavillions

Class List: Time Sheet
Class Descriptions

WP Classes Sortable (Hilda) (NOT official; I just wanted a sortable list)

Princess Anna Leigh’s Beverage Showcase & Social: Friday 6:30
Grand Ball: Friday Night, Great Hall, 7pm  (See below)
Scribal Playtime, 11am-3pm Saturday (See below)
Scarlet Apron Competition: 11am-4pm (See below)
Royal Court – 6pm Saturday, Great Hall (set-up at 5pm)
I Genesii – Saturday night, Great Hall

6 Hour Class Challenge (See below)

Martial Activities
Heavy: 6pm – 8pm Friday, field, Gage Meet n Beat
Heavy: 10-man Melee, 11am Saturday, field  (sign up at 10am) (see below)
Heavy: noon-5pm Saturday, field, melee, various scenarios
Heavy: 5:15 pm Saturday, field, Finns Speed tourney
MOL/Inspections: Friday 5pm-7pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm
Siege: Inspections 9am to 11am Saturday, field (see below)
Youth Fighting: Kingdom Championship, 10am Saturday, list opens 9am
Rapier: 6:30pm Friday, tourney (rapier and C&T pools)
Rapier: Saturday: lots of melee
Thrown Weapons: Update: New location is behind the Great Hall
Archery: Update: New location is behind the Great Hall

Pelican Vigil & Reception
-THL Ursula – send-off on field Friday night 7pm, vigil to follow at Woodland Watch camp
-Mistress Antoinette –  reception in the Scribal tents after court

Merchant List
Feed the Ravens
Black Moon Traders
Little Crystal Bijoux
Crafty Celts
The Basket Man
Little Dragon’s Horde
Munitions Grade Arms
Red Falcon
BadAss Garb
A Case of Random
Story Tellers Candles
Knights of the Classroom
Earthly Leather Designs
LeEllen Expressions
Logs Bogs and more
UnCommon Clay
Pillage Village
Miller Crossings
Miriam’s yarn

In Levitate et Caritate
Baroness Hilda


Grand Ball
Good Gentles!

here are the dances planned for the War Practice Grand Ball in random order:

War Bransle (naturally)
maltese bransle (sca)
official bransle
horse’s bransle
montarde bransle
charlotte bransle
pease bransle
washerwoman’s bransle
petit vriens
amoroso (long version)
gracca amorosa
bizzaria d’amore
rostiboli gioioso
rufty tufty
black nag
sellenger’s round
new boe peep
gathering peascods
picking of sticks
new yer’s de tribus
ly bens distonys (long version)
grene gynger
black almain
belle qui
heart’s ease
jenny plucked pears
petit rose

*most dances will be taught immediately before we do them.*

AND! Lady Lelija Barnasiewicz-tancerka will be leading the early, Children’s portion of the Ball. Children of all ages are invited to bring their parents and enjoy the special “re-creations” of period dance.

There will be refreshments for all!

Come by to dance, snack, watch or all of the above. You’ll find us in the Great Hall Friday evening.

Scarlet Apron

Good Gentles!

War Practice is finally upon us, and with it comes the time to choose AEthelmearc’s new Scarlet Apron Champion!

This year’s entrants have risen to the challenge to recreate period food preservation methods and recipes. Now, they look not only to our judges, but to you, the Populace, to let them know how they did!

Sign-In for Entrants will begin at 11:00 AM on Saturday, May 19, in the Great Hall (Look for the Scarlet Apron signs). While the competition is open to judges only from noon until 1:30 PM, once that time period is over, we welcome the Populace to visit us, and vote for your favorite entry! The entry with the most votes by the end of the competition wins a prize!

The Populace in attendance is encouraged to visit the Scarlet Apron, view and sample the entries, and cast their vote from 1:30 PM until 3:30 PM. The winners will be announced in court later that evening.

As always, if there are any questions, please contact the competition coordinator, Edelvrouw Lijsbet de Keukere, using Email (lijsbet(DOT)vandelfthout(AT)gmail(DOT)com), or Facebook Messenger **PREFERRED** (Keirin Lazauskas-Ralff).

We can’t wait to see you this weekend!

11:00 AM On-site Sign-in Opens for Entrants
• Entrants drop off their food items and documentation

12:00 PM Anonymous Judging Opens
• Judges will have the opportunity to experience and assess each entry based on only what has been set on the table.
• Entrants and members of the populace are asked to wait until after this period to come and interact with the display.

1:30 PM Anonymous Judging Closes;
Entrant-Judge Meet & Greet Opens;
Competition Viewing Opens to the Populace
• Entrants are invited to return to sit with their entries at this time. Judges can take this opportunity to interact with the entrants one-on-one to clarify or elaborate on anything they may have questions about before completing their scoring.
• The populace is invited to view and sample the remaining portions of each entry, and vote for their favorite to win Populace Choice.

3:30 PM Entrant-Judge Meet & Greet Closes;
Populace Viewing Closes;
All Judging & Feedback Forms are due back to the Sign-In Table for score tallying
• Judges should submit all of their scored feedback forms by this time so they can be tallied.
• Populace Choice tokens will also be counted at this time.

4:00 PM Entry Pick-Up
• All entries, including empty containers, must be removed by this time to facilitate an easy clean-up for Court.


10-Man Melee
On Saturday May 19th, 11:00am at AEthelmearc War Practice we will be hosting our Annual 10-man Unbelted Melee Tournament.
Sign-ups starts at 10am, all teams must be signed up, inspected, and ready to go at 10:45am. We have a limited window before the rest of the day’s activities.
Rules are as follows:
– Format will be round-robin, subject to change depending on the number of teams
– Winning team has the best record after the round-robin
– First place tie will result in a one fight sudden death bout (continuation rule 113d)
– Winner gets bragging rights and might get a chance to fight a 10 man chiv team….
– Participants cannot be members of the order of chivalry
– Maximum of 10 fighters on the field for each team
– Alternates are allowed, but no substitutions during a bout
– Fighters cannot be on multiple teams
– No combat archery
– Ok….no siege engines either…..
– Thrown weapons ARE allowed
– All other combat conventions will follow kingdom standards
Contact me if you have any questions.
Start forming your teams today!!!!
So….who wants some?

Heavy Schedule Details


The following is the current schedule for the heavy fighting at this years War Practice.

Friday May 18

MOL/Inspection point open from 5 pm-7pm as needed

6pm -8 pm. Gage Meet n Beat

Saturday May 19

MOL/ Inspection Point 9 am -1 pm or as needed

10-1045am team sign ins for 10 man unbelt tourney

11am 10 Man unbelt tourney

Noon-5 Melee fighting, various scenarios

5:15 pm Finn’s Speed Round Tourney

As in all things Scadian, our fighting schedule is fluid, we will attempt to stay on schedule as best as possible. It is called Scadian Time for a reason, plan accordingly.

(Event Reciept, Auth Cards and Identification required at MOL point)

We as always need assistance on the field from Our field marshals. If you want to help out, contact me privately so I can add you to the list.

If you need anything added or edited, please contact me privately so I can keep our schedule current!

Syr Thorgrim

Siege Inspections
Siege Inspections for AEthelmearc War Practice will be held on the battlefield from 9am – 11am (hard stop time at 11am due to the 10 man unbelt tourney, NO INSPECTION WILL BE STARTED AFTER 10:30AM). Please plan accordingly.
Siege will definitely occur in the bridge battles, and probably in the broken field battles.
Please share with your crews. If you are able to volunteer your time as a marshal, please let me know.
Thank you in advance,

From Mistress Antionette
War Practice will be here soon and we have a few fun things going on for scribes!Scribal Playtime (Saturday 11-3) will focus on completing the painted banners we began at our Retreat in March. Mistress Alicia has a spiffy Luttrell Psalter scroll blank contest happening- same time frame as Scribal Playtime. We have wonderful volunteers to cover the Playtime, but 3 of them have received their Fleur recently and would like to attend their FIRST FLEUR meeting at War Practice. So, we will need a few volunteers for Scribal Playtime beginning around 1:00. If you can pitch hit, send me an IM as soon as you can. Both of our Scribal tents will be up and running, if you have a scribal project you would like to work on, bring it!, we have a tent designated Saturday, all day for just this purpose.
Our Scribal Retreat in March- Wow!, we were busting out at the edges and from our Survey results we know that the Scribes would like to ~rinse and repeat~ in 2019. However, we are going to need to fund raise and Steltonwald has graciously offered us our first big opportunity to do so at War Practice. We will be serving up Breakfast on Saturday 7:30-1:30 and Sunday 7:30-1:30 We have a few people designated to help but we could use a few more volunteers. No cooking required. If scribes are uninterested in fundraising, there may not be a Retreat next year. Please IM me with a day and time ( 1 hour is fine) that you can help out w Breakfast.
Last fun thing, I will be elevated to the Pelican in evening Court at War Practice, no vigil, but we will have a reception in the Scribal tents after court. All scribes are welcome, remember ~Once a scribe, always part of the Tribe.

6 Hour Class Challenge
Back by popular demand- The 6 hour class challenge! For those of you serious about learning, pick up a passport at troll. When they’re gone they’re gone, but we trust your honor to keep track. For those who succeed, be sure to join the audience at Æthelmearc Court to come forward, be recognized and receive your token! Remember it’s 6 hours, not six classes, and don’t miss out on the workshops! Special thank you to Edana the Red for creating both the token & the passport again this year.

Who’s Who in Commedia del Arte

Who’s Who in Commedia del Arte – Maighstir Liam MacantSaoir

If you have attended some commedia del Arte performance at Pennsic or another event, you have probably noticed that some of the characters in different performances have the same names, no matter what commedia troupe you are seeing. Commedia del Arte has a set of stock characters that are essential to the art form. Commedia del Arte performances themselves are largely improvised but based on a structure written in advance.
The first group of stock characters are called the “Vecchi.” The Vecchi are the people of the upper class in Venice. These characters are usually the master of two different households. Pantalone is a shrewd business man who never wants to let money go. Pantalone is also known for being rather lecherous, chasing young women and visiting the local house of ill repute. Dottore is often a doctor and sometimes lawyer. Dottore is known for his vast knowledge that he gained in University, which may or may not be factual. Occasionally, Pantalone has a wife but most often he is a widower, or the wife does not appear in the play.
The second group of characters is the “Innamorati” (the lovers) these are characters that are the sons and daughters of Pantalone and Dottore. They are often very important to the plot, often looking for love, marriage and sex. The male characters are technically called “Innamorato” and the females “Inamorata.” The story of the lovers may be that they are looking for love, have ended their love affair, or are in competition with another for someone’s love. The story of the lovers may be complicated by siblings, their parents, or their servants. Both the Innamorato and Inamorata can vary in names and how they act. Some Innamorato are very masculine and virile, and some are the exact opposite, some may be very intelligent, and some may be incredibly unintelligent.
The third group of characters are the “Zanni.” The Zanni are the servant class, usually poorly clothed and perform menial jobs for the Innamorati and the Vecchi. The Zanni are the clowns of the show. The Zanni include such characters as Arlechino, who can be a servant for either household, he is usually dimwitted and food driven. Francheschina, who is usually a house maid for either house and often very frisky towards other Zanni characters. Brighella, who is often known as a freelance servant who will take care of things for anyone for a price, he can be the muscle, the thief or the murderer. The Zanni can have other names and serve in other roles to include the person that runs the local brothel, or other street urchins.
Commedia del Arte characters are still prevalent in many modern comedy television shows and movies today. Now that you understand who the characters are and what they do, I hope that you will see some commedia at Pennsic. The Pennsic University has a Commedia tract for anyone that is interested in learning more about commedia. In September, the forst ever Known World Commedia Symposium will take place in the Shire of Ballachlagan, less than an hours drive from the BMDL and it will host classes on Commedia and “All Things Italian.”
2013. Descriptions of Commedia Dell Arte Characters. Accessed May 2018.
Felix, Talia. n.d. La Commedia del Arte – La Commedia Inglese. Accessed May 2018.