Fencing Practice This Week

Greetings this week fencing practice will be at the Pittsburgh Chinese Church from 2-6 PM.

This week will start a 4 week series of classes on Italian Rapier beginning at 2:30 taught by Comtesse Elena d’Artois.

Join us this week for: basic intro and the lunge – sword enters the space first and leaves the space last. the defensive footwork of Dociolini.

Next week will be the BMDL’s first ever Cut n’ Thrust practice. If you are interested in learning about Cut n’Thrust or getting authorized come on out. We will have loaner gear available for those that need it.


Reminder: Seneschal Call for Letters

My term as Seneschal will be coming to an end in February, and I will be seeking a second term, however, I am calling for letters. Send your letter to the Baronage and to me – baron(at)debatablelands.org, baroness(at)debatablelands.org, and seneschal(at)debatablelands.org. The deadline for letters is Thursday, 1 February 2018 to allow sufficient time for your letter to be reviewed by the Officers’ prior to the February Business Meeting on 7 February 2018. No letters will be accepted after that date.

As always, if you have any ideas about how to improve anything in the Barony or have concerns, I am available via email (seneschal@debatablelands.org), in person at events and meetings, or using our new Baronial Suggestion Box.

In Service to the Barony,

Odriana, Seneschal

BMDL Tavern in the Park

Tavern in the Park

It is snowing again, and many of us are house-bound and getting bored. But wait! There is something to look forward to!

Break free of the winter doldrums and come to the Tavern in the Park on February 10, 2018 for games, visiting with friends, A&S, great pub grub, beverages of all kinds, in a relaxed and warm environment.

Come to the Lodge in North Park, (no street number) North Ridge Drive, Allison Park, PA 15101. (Google Maps seems to know where this is!) The doors will open at 10 AM, and close at 8 PM.

Our luncheon sideboard will be created by Kattera Doplerin so please contact her with any dietary questions (Ailish Brundage, legbascrossroad (at) gmail (dot) com).

The Adult Event Registration will be $15. Adult Member Discount Event Registration will be $10. Children 0-5 free; age 6-17: $5 . Make checks payable to SCA-(PA), Inc. – Debatable Lands. 

Your co-autocrats for the day will be Elss of Augsburg, elss.of.augsburg at gmail.com, (Rocky Hayeslip, 221 Pine Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237, cell 724.759.3333) and Elsa Taliard, frithar (at) yahoo (dot) com, (Laura Lindsey, 135 Whitestown Rd, Lyndora, Pa 16045). Please contact either of them with any questions.

More information will be forthcoming shortly via Stórfréttir, the BMDL Events page (http://debatablelands.org/events/2018-02-10%20Tavern%20in%20the%20Park.php), the BMDL email list, both of the Barony Facebook pages — Debatable Lands Official Announcement (https://www.facebook.com/BMDLOfficial/) and Debatable Lands Unofficial Discussion (https://www.facebook.com/groups/DebatableLands/) .

Elss and Elsa can also be reached on Facebook.

See you there!

Elss of Augsburg and Elsa Tailiard

What is an exchequer?

My name is Lady Arthes MacLeod and I am the Exchequer for the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands. The Office of the Exchequer is responsible for tracking, accounting for, and maintaining all of the barony’s resources. The exchequer is a member of the financial committee. Members of the financial committee are responsible for making sure that we spend our money in a responsible way. We make sure that events are planned to make enough money to pay for themselves, and that we have enough money to provide resources to members of the Barony when they come to do things such as A&S nights, or to provide loaner gear, or other items our martial activities may require.

Many exchequers choose to be responsible for troll at events. Being in charge of troll, or volunteering to sit at the troll table at events is a great way to begin to be involved as the exchequer. If the troll sheet is not kept correctly so that it balances with the cash at the end of the event, it can throw off not just the record keeping for that event, but also for the quarter and the year.

My job can vary day to day. Some days, I do nothing for the barony. Some days, I sit and do paperwork; mostly organizing our receipts and keeping records. Events are the busiest. There are checks to write, receipts to scan, and the set-up for troll to worry about. Every other month I attend the barony’s business meeting and report any updates on things that may have changed with our financial situation. I am the liaison to the bank. I make sure our checkbook matches up with the bank’s records. The Exchequer keeps track of all of the financial records including bank statements and receipts. We make sure that everyone who spends money that has been approved on the barony’s behalf is reimbursed. The exchequer files a report every three months tracking all money going in and out of the barony’s account and how it was used.

The BMDL Exchequer reports to an entire hierarchy of other volunteers. We directly report to Master Tofi Kerthjalfadsson, who is currently the Aethelmearc exchequer. Master Tofi Kerthjalfadsson helps us to ensure that we are following all of the SCA’s rules when it comes to money, as well as the legal rules to ensure we keep our 501c non-profit status. There are also several volunteers who are regional exchequers, and then still more at a society level.
If you would like to know more about this office, please contact me at exchequer@bmdl.org, or look me up at the next event!

Birth of a New Shire

As those of you who attended our Twelfthnight celebrations heard in court, Steltonwald’s request to become a Shire has been approved by the Board of Directors. I, and the rest of the Barony, wish all of you very well as you embark on your journey as a new Shire. Vivat!!

~Odriana, Seneschal

BMDL 12th Night Greatest Thanks

12th Night Greatest Thanks for such a Great Event!

Their Majesties Gareth Kincaid and Juliana Delamere who inspire us to visit the Kingdom and bring us good cheer as they travel across their lands to wish all of us a Happy Twelfth Night.

Their Highnesses Sven Gunnarsson of Fjathrudaland and Siobhán inghean uí Liatháin always bright our events and bring us happiness and jubilation.

Their Excellencies Brandubh Ó Donnghaile and Hilderun Hügelmann welcomed us all to their home and share their enthusiasm and spread happiness to all!

The Honorable Lady Murieghl Inghean Dubhghail – for her Autocrating throughout the full process of planning, setting up, changeing schedules, cleaning and closing up the site.

Lady Katheryn Täntel – for her smashing success her first time Autocratting, for getting us through the snow and into the building, for all her work and preparation every step of the way.

Lady Melodia Beaupel, who handled the kitchen with ease and helped to get us in to the site and stayed to help us get out!

Takamatsu-san Gentarou Yoshitaka, who set up the feast hall, carried, packed, cleaned, decorated, carried more, shoveled, and salted. From Set up to Strike; He is a good man to have on your team!

Drotinn Jorundr hinn Rotinn who helped carry, load, pack, decorate, undecorated, cleaned and re-packed. I am fortunate to have such a multi-talented Lord in my corner.

THL Elss of Auguburg who helped organize the event, took care of signs to site, and ran the silent auction and then made us a laugh with the comedia troupe! Thank you for always being in the right place!

Master Alaric MacConnal who helped with set up, worked troll, came baring waivers, and helped us clean up!

Hara-roku-I Kikumatsu who worked troll with a smile on her face!

Lady Zianna beguy udina de Zabaleta, our fantastic head troll! Thank you for all your hard work and for being so prepared!

Lady Alethea Cowle who ran Paladin’s Pantry and worked to see that those in need are being looked after.

Lady Arthis MacLeod who helped with the Silent Auction & provided the Misrule Cupcakes.

Meisteri Urho Waltterinen, our Cookie Master extraordinaire who always runs a fantastic competition!

Lady Aíbell ingen Chernacháin who ran children’s activities to keep the youth of our Barony entertained.

Lady Jasmine of Tarn Clan our outstanding Youth Marshal who came up with the indoor snowball fight on the fly to keep the Adults and the Children entertained on a snowy afternoon. The chaos was impressive!

Lady Ceindrech verch Elidir brought us the pillow fighting equipment!

Creature Twyne Dragon & The Twyne Dragon Syndicate for setting up an amazing spread at the Laurel Vigil Room. You folks know how to prepare a person for a party!

THL Bugga Bilibit ran a lovely Arts and Sciences competition in which there were superb entries with some interesting documentation.

THL Silence de Cherbourg for running the most entertaining Bardic Championship I have ever witnessed. So many talented people working to keep us amused!

Baroness Constance Glyn Dwr & Lady Dorothea Stark Shultz who helped see to the comfort of our Royal guests.

THL Madoc Arundel and the Brewers prepared many samples and kept the Tap Room running strong! We are lucky to have such fine people sharing their talents with us.

Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope who came and decorated our hall to warm our festivities and stayed to help take down the decorations.

Lord Robert pour Maintenant who always helps with keeping the snow clear and the sidewalks safe, he carries everything and takes over sweeping, he never stops helping us!
Lord Robert MacEwin of Thronhill who is everywhere all at once, decorating or carrying, dancing, acting, keeping us entertained and laughing as he works.

Fox was indispensable helping everyone carry their things in from the snowy parking lot. He’s a fantastic youth man.

Lord Rainald de Rohan helped us bring things in from the outside and then helped deliver them back! He’s always so helpful!

I Genesii did a wonderful job keeping us laughing with their playdate and seeing to the Court of MisRule! And that’s why we have the Greatest Comedia d’larte troupe in the Known World!!!!!

The Debatable Choir put together a lovely collection of medieval songs to bespell us before court.

Lord Pavel Dudoladov & The Musicians who stayed to instruct us in dance and played live music at our Ball!

The Fairy Court who came to grace our hall with their host and helped to see our vigilant properly elevated for her Arts.

4 Week Italian Rapier Class Series


Starting next week we will be starting a 4 week class series on Italian rapier taught by Comtesse Elena d’Artois. These will start at 2:30 giving people a chance to get warmed up before the class starts.

The currently planned classes are:

Week 1 – basic intro and the lunge – sword enters the space first and leaves the space last. the defensive footwork of Dociolini

Week 2 – circles in italian rapier- circular parries and cuts

Week 3 – so you didnt think terza had a purpose in our game? Terza and the bastard guards

Week 4 – cavazione\disengages verses cutovers.


Cut n Thrust Practice


I know many of you are interested in Cut n Thrust, cuz it’s awesome.

Going forward the last Sunday of the month will be a Cut n Thrust focused practice. We will have multiple marshals available for instruction and practice as well getting your authorizations.

Loaner gear will also be available for those that need extra equipment.

The first of these Cut n Thrust practices will be next week 1/28.

Hope to see many of you there.