Ve Have Counted!


The contents of the larder have now been cleaned, marked, photographed, and counted! Check out the picture of its new home! (Doggie not included.)

Many thanks go to Elss, Alastar, Myfanwy, and Libby for their help on two Sunday afternoons.  Many a cupcake was slain during this endeavor … thank you, Elss!

If you are cooking for an event and need to use items from the larder, please contact me ( and arrange for a time to pick up.  My address can be found in the Dark Pages.

Next step is to make the inventory available online so you can see what is available for use.  Stay tuned for a future announcement.

In Service,
Alaric, Steward

**** PS. If you are reading this in email format, please try clicking this link to see the photos.