Woodworking Guild Fall Schedule

This past Thursday, the Woodworking Guild of the Debatable Lands had our last planning meeting of summer, to figure out what we were going to do for autumn. Here is the plan:

Planning Meetings

These meetings are weeknight evening meetings, for the purpose of deciding what we want to work on next and when we’re going to do it. They are (roughly speaking) the second-to-last Thursday of each month,
7pm to 8:30pm, at the Panera in Oakland.

  • September 19th, 2019
  • October 24th, 2019
  • November 21st, 2019
  • December 19th, 2019

Workshop Days

These meetings are on weekend days, for the purpose of making things. They are usually on Sunday, from 10am to 2pm, in Ishiyama’s shop (1105 Shady Avenue, 15232).

  • September 15th, 2019
  • October 27th, 2019
  • November 17th, 2019
  • December 8th, 2019

All dates, times, and locations are subject to change, of course, but those are the plans.

Woodworking Guild Updates

We had another planning meeting on Thursday, May 23rd at the Panera in Oakland. We discussed the state of the banner stand project, possible future projects, and the meeting schedule going forward.

The banner stands are coming along, but the pieces still need to be sanded, finished, and assembled. To that end, we will be having another workshop day at Ishiyama Shonagon’s shop.

A completed banner stand
  • Sunday, June 2nd. – Workshop day to complete the banner stands. 10am to 2pm at Ishiyama Shonagon’s.
  • Thursday, June 20th – Planning meeting. 7pm – 9pm at the Oakland Panera.
  • Sunday, July 14th – Workshop day to help complete your projects for Pennsic. Time and place to be determined.
  • Thursday, August 22nd – Post-Pennsic meeting to discuss classes we took and plans for the Autumn. 7pm to 9pm, probably at the Oakland Panera.

A and S — NEW Location! – November 4th


WHY?___The weather continues to limit our activities at Washington Boulevard, and the coming winter means we need an indoor space.

WHERE?___It is very exciting to be meeting at Protohaven! We will be able to do so many more things! This is a maker space at 214 N Trenton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15221. It is a couple of miles from the martial practice field, very near Wilkensburg. See the website below for a link to directions.

WHEN?___Starting November 4th, we will meet there every first Sunday of the month from 1pm to 3pm. We may need to reschedule because of the weather or holidays, but there will be at least one A&S meeting every month, and possibly more.

WHAT?___Protohaven has lots of cool equipment, such as sewing machines, laser cutters, a wood shop, and tons of other things to play with. There is plenty of parking in the lot and on the street, and is accessible to all.

Possible projects include making keepsake boxes, armor stands, banner-painting, and making a frame to paint your banner on. Let’s hear your ideas!

WHO?___As always, everyone is welcome. Service animals are always welcome.

DISCLAIMER___Protohaven takes safety very seriously, and operation of the machinery is limited to those who have been taught how to use them. Fortunately, there are people to help us, and we will still be able to complete projects with their assistance.

See http://debatablelands.org/arts-and-sciences/ for directions.

In service to the dream,

THL Elss of Augsburg
BMDL Minister of Arts and Sciences

As always, if you need to contact me, text 724.759.3333 or email me at ansminister@debatablelands.org

Sunday Practice May 15 WITH Champions Tournaments!

The Baron and Baroness write:

Greetings to the Debatable Lands from Brandubh et Hilda,

The time has come to name new Martial Champions for our Most Excellent Barony. We invite all interested fighters and Fencers to join the tournaments, at any level, and from any place. However, only Debatable Landers and gentles with Green/Friendship Comets are eligible to become Champion.

We will be having tournaments for both Heavy and Rapier fighting, after the Barony meeting. May 15th, at the Washington Blvd practice site.

Our outgoing Rapier Champion is Dona Fredeburg. The format of the tournament is To Be Determined. We hope fighters of all levels will compete, from new fighters to White Scarves and Masters of Defense.

Our outgoing Heavy Fighting Champion in THL Lothar Hugelmann. As the out going Champ, he’s announced that it’s a regular double elimination tourney with a “span your shield” rule. Barons, Viscounts, Counts, Dukes, Chivalry, Please feel free to enter if you wish to be Champion.

In addition we need Archers! Lord Yoshi will be hosting an archery tournament to choose the Barony’s representative to the Scarlet Guard Challenge at the Guard Inn event in Hornwood on June 11. So tune up your bows to shoot in this engaging challenge.

We are truly looking forward to seeing you all there!

Brandubh et Hilda

Heavy and Fencing Practices Sunday

The Baronial Fencing Marshal writes:


After two weeks on the road fencing practice returns to its normal
location at the Environmental Charter School in Regent Square.

Doors open at 2, practice to begin after the Barony Meeting

If the weather continues to be nice we will be fencing outside.


The Baronial Knight Marshal writes:

Greetings fellow BMDLers…

Heavy fight practice will happen this Sunday at the usual winter location, the Environmental Charter School, 829 Milton Ave in Regent Square. Come on out and swing some sticks, and attend the Barony Meeting as well in the same location. Everything kicks off at 2:00.


The Baronial Webminister hopes to see everybody there!