Forest Products Without Logging?

An environmentalist blog called “Earthbuddies” has been getting some attention for posting an article on the Japanese practice of daisugi, a method of cultivating cedar (“sugi“) trees to produce straight knot-free lumber that can be harvested without cutting down the tree.

The main trunk of the tree is pruned to create a platform (“dai“) that sends large shoots straight up into the air. These shoots can be harvested and turned into lumber, while leaving the platform tree to develop more shoots!

Read more about it in “Daisugi, The Ancient Bonsai Technique That Can Prevent Deforestation“.

(Featured image: Ryoan-ji 03.jpg by
Bernard Gagnon used under Creative Commons License)

Woodworking Planning Meeting This Thursday

The last Woodworking Guild planning meeting of 2019 is scheduled for Thursday, December 19th at 7pm in the Boulevard of the Allies Panera location. These meetings haven’t been as popular as the workshop days, so they may be discontinued next year. Please attend and help us make plans for workshops and activities for the first part of 2020.