BMDL 12TH Night — Auction Accepting Stuff!

As you rummage around in closet, attic, and cellar looking for those boxes of holiday decorations, keep an eye out for stuff you no longer need. These are things for the Twelfth Night Auction of Forgotten Treasures ™!

I will gladly pick up contributions of no-longer-needed garb and gear, kids’ stuff, camping do-dads, and other items of interest to SCAdians. Send a Faceybook PM to Elss Augsburg (other contact info in the Dark Pages) and we will find a mutually agreeable time/place to meet–fighter practice would work, or any Panera or Starbucks, or even a tea shop! Of course, you can always simply bring the things to the event.

Autocrats, here is how you clear out your Lost and Found!

The Auction has been a phenomenal success thanks to the many generous contributors and donors and forgetful attendees. I just can’t hardly wait to see what turns up this year!

Thank you, thank you all — Elss