What is an exchequer?

My name is Lady Arthes MacLeod and I am the Exchequer for the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands. The Office of the Exchequer is responsible for tracking, accounting for, and maintaining all of the barony’s resources. The exchequer is a member of the financial committee. Members of the financial committee are responsible for making sure that we spend our money in a responsible way. We make sure that events are planned to make enough money to pay for themselves, and that we have enough money to provide resources to members of the Barony when they come to do things such as A&S nights, or to provide loaner gear, or other items our martial activities may require.

Many exchequers choose to be responsible for troll at events. Being in charge of troll, or volunteering to sit at the troll table at events is a great way to begin to be involved as the exchequer. If the troll sheet is not kept correctly so that it balances with the cash at the end of the event, it can throw off not just the record keeping for that event, but also for the quarter and the year.

My job can vary day to day. Some days, I do nothing for the barony. Some days, I sit and do paperwork; mostly organizing our receipts and keeping records. Events are the busiest. There are checks to write, receipts to scan, and the set-up for troll to worry about. Every other month I attend the barony’s business meeting and report any updates on things that may have changed with our financial situation. I am the liaison to the bank. I make sure our checkbook matches up with the bank’s records. The Exchequer keeps track of all of the financial records including bank statements and receipts. We make sure that everyone who spends money that has been approved on the barony’s behalf is reimbursed. The exchequer files a report every three months tracking all money going in and out of the barony’s account and how it was used.

The BMDL Exchequer reports to an entire hierarchy of other volunteers. We directly report to Master Tofi Kerthjalfadsson, who is currently the Aethelmearc exchequer. Master Tofi Kerthjalfadsson helps us to ensure that we are following all of the SCA’s rules when it comes to money, as well as the legal rules to ensure we keep our 501c non-profit status. There are also several volunteers who are regional exchequers, and then still more at a society level.
If you would like to know more about this office, please contact me at exchequer@bmdl.org, or look me up at the next event!