BMDL Tavern in the Park

Tavern in the Park

It is snowing again, and many of us are house-bound and getting bored. But wait! There is something to look forward to!

Break free of the winter doldrums and come to the Tavern in the Park on February 10, 2018 for games, visiting with friends, A&S, great pub grub, beverages of all kinds, in a relaxed and warm environment.

Come to the Lodge in North Park, (no street number) North Ridge Drive, Allison Park, PA 15101. (Google Maps seems to know where this is!) The doors will open at 10 AM, and close at 8 PM.

Our luncheon sideboard will be created by Kattera Doplerin so please contact her with any dietary questions (Ailish Brundage, legbascrossroad (at) gmail (dot) com).

The Adult Event Registration will be $15. Adult Member Discount Event Registration will be $10. Children 0-5 free; age 6-17: $5 . Make checks payable to SCA-(PA), Inc. – Debatable Lands. 

Your co-autocrats for the day will be Elss of Augsburg, elss.of.augsburg at, (Rocky Hayeslip, 221 Pine Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237, cell 724.759.3333) and Elsa Taliard, frithar (at) yahoo (dot) com, (Laura Lindsey, 135 Whitestown Rd, Lyndora, Pa 16045). Please contact either of them with any questions.

More information will be forthcoming shortly via Stórfréttir, the BMDL Events page (, the BMDL email list, both of the Barony Facebook pages — Debatable Lands Official Announcement ( and Debatable Lands Unofficial Discussion ( .

Elss and Elsa can also be reached on Facebook.

See you there!

Elss of Augsburg and Elsa Tailiard