A and S — Pennsic Gift Basket — Sunday, July 8

It's the Art-Signal! Quick, to the Science-Mobile!
Arts & Sciences Meeting




Location: Washington Blvd martial practice site
Address: Allegheny River Blvd and Washington Blvd.
Directions: http://www.debatablelands.org/martial/fight_directions.php
Time: 1:00 PM.  Weather permitting!

With Pennsic fast approaching, Their Majesties are in need of items for the gift basket that will be exchanged with the Kingdom of Meridies.

We will be braiding medallion cords or fingerlooping laces out of black and white/silver crochet cotton, and as usual I will have all the stuff needed. However, if you have embroidery thread or other  stuff you would like to use up, please bring it along.

Standard disclaimers here:

We are now accessible to our less mobile friends, have free parking, and a pet-friendly site. Yay!

However, keep in mind that you should bring everything you need for your comfort including a *chair*, a beverage or snack, bug spray, sunscreen, hat, cabana boy, rain boots, scuba suit, etc., etc., etc. Also, the site has a porta-john and no running water should you wish to make appropriate preparation.

I will have a table and a jug of water so that you can refill your water bottles or mugs.

If you need assistance or have questions, please call or text me at 724-759-3333.

Thank you for asking! These meetings are free and there is no materials charge, as we are generously supported by the Barony and the teachers themselves.

See you tomorrow!