Two upcoming Guild Meeting Announcements!

First, from our Signet:
Scribal East will be THIS Thursday 4/25 starting at 7pm at Lady Ceindrech’s home in Monroeville. PM or Dark Pages for address. Hope to see folks there! 🙂 -THLady Rachel

Next, from the head of the Woodworking Guild:
The woodworking guild is having a workshop session on Sunday April 28th, 2019 from 10am to 2pm at the home shop of Ishiyama Shonagon (1105 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232). The phone number is in the Dark Pages if you have trouble or questions, but the number only accepts voice calls.

The main purpose of the time is to build some banner stands that the Barony needs, and maybe to make some banner poles. We can get all the pieces we need out of 2×4’s and the wood is already here. If time permits, after we make enough pieces for the stands that the Barony needs, we’ll be able to work on banner stands for ourselves or other personal projects. If you want to make a banner stand for yourself, you will need to bring an 8-foot 2×4.

Please feel free to bring any tools you’d like to bring, but it is not
necessary to bring anything but your interest in making stuff from wood and whatever safety equipment you prefer. Eye protection is required. Closed-toe footwear only. Gloves recommended for most work. Dust masks and expanding foam ear plugs can be provided. You can pull into the driveway to unload, but parking will be on the street.

This is a work session. The next planning meeting is scheduled for
Thursday May 23rd (after War Practice) at the Panera in Oakland from 7pm to 9pm.

-Ishiyama Shonagon

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