BMDL 12th Night – Cookie Competition.

From the Master of Cookies,

Once again at Baronial Twelfth Night on January 18th, we will search for the finest bakers of cookies in the Kingdom.

Those who wish to compete should bring a large sampling for the populace and a separate plate of ten cookies to be set aside for judging. All cookies will be open for populace judging throughout the day. Submissions will be accepted starting at 10:00 and judging will begin at 11:00 and continue until 4:00.

This year, pending availability, Their Excellencies, Brandubh and Hilderun, will pick their winners. If the King and Queen of Fools are selected early enough, they too will be judges. Please remember that Maistir Brandubh requires gluten-free selections and there are others in our Barony that have similar restrictions. Should we be joined by any “special guests,” they may be asked to serve.

There will be a populace’s choice as well judged the same way the pie contest was run at last Barony Meeting by dropping beans as votes for the cookie of choice.

Please include a recipe if you wish and any nutritional information to protect our Barony.

In service to the Debatable Lands,

Mestari Urho Waltterinen