Upcoming Fencing Practices


This Sunday fencing practice will continue at its regular time of 1PM. At 2 Don Corwin will be leading some drills, so if you are interested come and warm up so you are ready for those.

There is plenty of loaner gear available should anyone wish to give fencing a try, all you need it long pants and socks that overlap at the ankle, and males will need an athletic cup and we have all the rest you need, so give it a try and stab people in the face.

Next weekend regular fencing practice will be cancelled, as we will be invading Ballachlagan that week. Their site address is Warwood Middle School 150 VIKING DR Wheeling, WV 26003, for most of the city it is between an hour and an hour and a half away, and should be great fun.

The following weekend practice will also be cancelled due to Agincourt being held that weekend, so come out Saturday and fight in the Queen’s Rapier Championship and a Academy of Defense Scholar’s tournament.

We will return to normal on Sunday November 6.