Stellar Tourney Sun List (Heavy) this Sunday 9/12 at 2:30pm

Hello Debatable Lands! Salve Accolens!

Our next Stellar Tournament will once again be the Sun List (Heavy Fighting) on September 12th, at the normal practice site at the Washington Blvd Parklet near the zoo, during practice.

We are moving the time to 2:30pm this Sunday.

Stand, fight, win, be named Defender of the Sun!

ALL Debatable Landers AND our neighbors are welcome! It’s for everyone to practice tourneys! We welcome and ask for participation from fighters/archers, MOLs, martials, heralds, consorts, and spectators.

See you there!

Next Sky List (Archery) – Sept 19th

Next Moon List (Rapier) – Oct 3rd

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