Heraldic night at BMDL’s A&S night!

Greetings from your Comet Pursuivant! Perhaps you missed last night’s Online Heraldic Office Hours because you were busy. Perhaps you were tired. And here you are, still with interesting questions or curiosities about heraldry. What to do?
Well, you’re in luck! Because this Thursday, May 25, starting at 7pm at Victory Pointe in the South Side (1113 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203), there will be a heraldic consult and class featured at the BMDL’s A&S night, organized by THL Elss Augsburg! Come down and speak up close, in person, with not just one herald, but at least three of the BMDL’s most skilled and abled heralds! Get help with your name, device, and/or badge! Find out how to help with announcements, heralding at court, and even how to become a herald!
I hope you will join us Thursday! It’s going to be a great time!