Agincourt 2017 – From the Lunch Cook

Good afternoon from this year’s lunch cook. Here is the English menu. I am very excited to be working on this and can’t wait to get the details on the what I hear is going to be a rockin French feast.

I have started all of the documentation for these recipes in order for them to tested and tried. I have several people that have asked or I have asked to take on one of the items so that everyone can get familiar the feast preparation process. If you are interested in maybe taking on a recipe reach out and let me know.

I have several people that are making parts of the items such as pickles and smoked olives – growing fava beans – making a cheese – churning butter. If you have something you are working on or would like to try on a smaller scale – let me know.

We will need set up – refilling – and clean up helping hands as well. If you know of a youth that would like to get involved – let me know. There are many ways to let them get involved in the kitchen.

If you have questions or need to reach me you can comment here – send me a PM through Facebook (comment that you did so that I know to check there) or email me at ladyzianna at gmail dot com.


Caboches in Potage
Vegetable Soup – root vegs added
***Most will be home grown

Assorted Breads – GF option

Cheese wafers

Assorted Cut Vegetables

Cheeses Pickles and Olives

Potage Fene Boiles
Fave Bean Pudding


A Siryppe por un Pestell
Roasted Pork with sauce and eggs

Chickens Endoyed
Buttered Chicken

Cheesy Pasta

Tart in Yumber Day
Cheese Tart

Char de Crabb
Apple pie