Agincourt Feast Thank Yous

This past weekend was Agincourt and, again, it was my absolute honor and pleasure to be the feast cook.

A feast only happens due to the contributions and talents of many people. Without them, it would be impossible to do what I do and they truly deserve the lion’s share of the thanks.

The gentles who made the feast happen:

Ulf Halfdansson
Rynea von Lingen
Joshua Trinidad
Dorothea Stark Schultz
Kearn MacLeod
Amanda Lake
Sarab bint Alima
Halfdan Drake Rauthkin
Alva Halfdaansdottir

Thank you to Katja for keeping track of food allergies and preferences so that the right food made it to the right people.

Also, a big thank you to Katja Davida Orlova and Kieran MacRay for washing a ton of dishes during feast prep and dinner.

I also wish to thank the folks who came in to clean up the kitchen. Thank you for allowing the kitchen staff to sit down and eat dinner after 9 hours on their feet. You are very much appreciated.

Constance Glyn Dwr
Sarab bint Alima
Liam MacIntyre
Arthes MacLeod
Trillium Reynolds
Beren Reynolds
Kathryn Tantsel
Umm Samin bint Al-Hisfasaniyya
Kieran MacRay

If there is anyone that I missed, please know that it is entirely unintentional and please let me know if I did miss you so that I may thank you publicly for your service.

I have special thanks for my dependents Lijsbet de Keukere, Ottilige von Rappoltsweiler, and Zianna Beguy Urdina de Zabaleta for inspiring me as a cook, as a Laurel, and as a friend. I also would like to thank my husband Kieran MacRay and daughter Aletha Cowle for supporting my work, helping me load/unload two cars, and for making their own dinner for the week before the event while I pre-cooked.