Agincourt Lunch Cook Thank Yous

Good morning BMDL-

I must proclaim how humbled I am at the amount of support – help – offers to carry – etc that I have received in order to put out the day board at Agincourt on Saturday. I am going to most doubtedly miss someone so I ask all gentles to tag those people to make sure they are aware of my appreciation. I had a wonderful time “feeding all the people!l and look forward to the next time I get the chance to do so…

To (Shawn MacIntyre) and (Sunshine MacIntyre) for putting on an amazing event and continually checking to make sure we had everything we needed.

To Jennifer Ja Strobel for one year ago allowing me to make a cake and having the faith in me to ask me to cook the dayboard and share her kitchen.

To Brie Montgomery and Antoinette de la Croix for the dayboard menu scroll. To Nicola Kendall for the feast menu scroll. To Kristina Kaufman – Ashling for the description cards for the dayboard.

The following three ladies spent months planning with me and hours of prepping to make key items on the dayboard happen and to be most delicious. Without them – this could have happened. It was an honor and a pleasure to cook and learn from you in the kitchen.

Lynn Harvey- your hand made noodles and Mac n cheese was awesome. You – your husband and son were so much help.

Suzanne Ackley-Perot for let alone making the drive to the event and for the scrumptious chicken and wafers. I hope to repay the help in February.

Cassandra Nelson- for curing and smoking the pork – the mustard – the sauerkraut the unbelievable smoked olives and for the calmness when I went – oh they are gonna hate the food.

On Friday and Saturday the following people “did the thing” and made our game a reality. Thank you so very much and please let me know when I can repay the helping hands.

April McCoy Duncan – your husband and your boys
Lake Strobel
Ray Strobel
Ottilige von Rappoltsweiler
Bethany Klick
Amanda – your first event!! Welcome
Saj – the apple of my eye
Kristie Seib
Keirin Lazauskas-Ralff
Dennis Ralff
The armored fighters that kept the outside dish washing station under control.

Please share with anyone that I may have missed and know I am truly moved by our Barony and friends. Thank you so very much.

Yours in Service –

Lady Zianna Beguy Urdina de Zabaleta