Open Table Scriptorium

The Baronial Signet writes:

Scriptorium will be held at my home in Hampton Township THIS WEDNESDAY
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 at 6:00P and will end at 8:00P.

For those of you unfamiliar with what a Scriptorium is:
A scriptorium [plural: scriptoria], in the context of the Middle Ages, is a room in a monastery set aside for the copying, writing, or illuminating of manuscripts and records. In the SCA it is where those who are participating in the Scribal arts meet in an informal setting to learn together and share each other’s company.

The class for the Scriptorium on 24 February 2016 will be “Attavanti Made Easy” taught by THL Rachael Daliceaux. The class description is:
Easy shading and design tricks to get those perfect “mirror image” acanthus leaves and jewels to POP off the page. If you can free-hand a few acanthus leaves, draw a circle and can make a thin line with a brush, you already have all the skills you need. Please bring your own paints and brushes, as well as a fine lead mechanical pencil. By the end of the class everyone will produce a scroll blank in the style of the panels found in the artwork of Attavante degli Attavanti.

We have dogs and cats. Please medicate appropriately.

For more information and for directions to my home, please contact me by either replying to this email address (jenn dot strobel at gmail dot com) or by giving me a call/text at [phone number in the dark pages].

I look forward to seeing people there.


Investiture Clean Up: Volunteers Needed!

Kameshima-shichi-i Zentarō Umakai writes:

Next weekend, as you all know, we will be celebrating the well-earned retirement of our Baron Uilliam and Baroness Constance and the investiture of Brandubh and Hilderun! Once again, our host will be the United Universalist Church of the North Hills, a site that we use frequently and with which we have cultivated an excellent working relationship. Key to this relationship is the fact that we always leave the site in  exquisitely clean condition.

I have been given the honor of ensuring that this precedent remains intact after the upcoming event. But to do that, I will need your help!

If you are willing to stay after the event and help return the site to at least as good condition as we found it, please contact me at this email address and let me know. If we get a good crew together, it should only take about an hour, and you will be helping to make sure that we can continue to use this site in the future. Thank you in advance for volunteering to help your Barony.

Call for Letters, Captain of Archers

Greetings Unto the Debatable Lands, Canton of Steltonwald and College of Cour d’Or from your Captain of Archers, Brandubh,

It has been my great pleasure to serve as the Baronial Captain of Archers for the past 2 years, however now I am being pulled in a different direction and must relinquish the Archery Marshallate. To that end I am calling for letters on intent for Debatable Lands Captain of Archers to serve as Group Marshal for the Barony. Letters of intent should include a brief SCA resume, especially including service as target archery marshal, running ranges, teaching, running practices, assisting at any of these, and be addressed to Brandubh – Captain of Archers, and Count Isenwulf – Baronial Knight marshal. I stepped up to this position in April 2014, and plan to step down in April 2016.

Now onto the job itself. The position of Captain of Archers is a deputy position to the Group Office of the Knight Marshal. Captain of archers is not an office, and does not have a vote on the financial committee. The job itself is to ensure that weekly practices are run, and announcements go out about their schedules, or cancellations; to serve as the Archery Point of contact for the barony; and to assist local events with archery. The barony has many loaner bows, arrows, targets, and stands which must be inventoried for the exchequer each year. Outdoor practices usually run from April 15 – November 15, depending on weather.

If you are interested in this position please feel free to contact me.

Brandubh, Baronial Captain of Archers

February Officer Meeting

The February Officer’s Meeting is Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 at 8pm in Porter A18A on the CMU Campus. If you are unable to make it please send a proxy either to me or one of the other Officers who are attending.

The meeting was delayed from its customary day of the first Wednesday until after the investiture of our new Baron and Baroness.

At this meeting, we will be selecting a new Seneschal. Members of the populace are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Here’s a map link:,-79.9484995,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x8834f220dbbb61bd:0x15fc8c298e47685e

The Arts and Sciences Champion Writes

Hara-roku-i Kikumatsu, the current Arts and Sciences Champion of the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands, writes:

To all those who live and play in the BMDL, my time as A&S champion is almost over. The new Baron and Baroness will need a new champion to stand behind them in court and to represent them in the seven pearls in late August. Any person or group is encouraged to enter the competion. There are no restrictions on experience level. The site is dry, but an alcoholic entry can be judged prior to the event. You must contact me ahead of time to make arrangements. Documentation isn’t required, but is highly encouraged.

Investiture Schedule

I know that your mouth watered at the wonderful feast menu. Now, take a look at the day’s schedule to see what else we’ve got in store! (So much to do!!!)

   9am Site opens
  10am Morning court
  11am Drop off closes for Baronial A&S Championship
  12pm Lunch is served
 1-2pm Hilda and Brandubh will sit in state
 1-2pm Kingdom-wide choir practice for coronation
 2-3pm Order of the Fleur d'AEthelmearc
3:30pm BMDL Choir Concert
   4pm Evening court
6:30pm Feast
   9pm Site closes

Throughout the day: BMDL HIstory Display, Heraldry Consult Table, BMDL A&S Championship, Fine items fundraising auction for BMDL, and merchants.

As always, the schedule is subject to change but we’ll do our absolute best to keep this day flowing as planned!

Don’t forget to send in your prereg to guarantee your feast spot!

Investiture Feast Menu

Soon….very soon… can treat yourself to a day full of tasty tasty
food by THLady Cassandra Matis at BMDL Investiture!

Preregistrations are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for this February 13th event. Remember, site fee and feast for an adult member is just $20!

In 3 removes (PLUS DESSERT!!), we’ll get to enjoy the best that medieval
Italy has to offer!

1st remove:
Perscuti, herbed goat cheese, mustard, and sourdough
2nd remove:
Chicken confit ala scappi, spaetzle with sage, and roasted hearts of cabbage
3rd remove:
Rosemary roasted chicken thighs, and roasted root vegetables with parmesan
Wafers (pizzele) served with marmalade and marscapone cheese

Aside from the fact that you get to indulge in the best cured meat ever to
grace our barony, there are tales of kings and princes FIGHTING over this
spaetzle! Don’t miss this feast!

The dayboard menu (subject to revision):
Rolls, honey butter, herbed quark, Sabina Welserin’s pork shoulders,
roasted beef, Scappi’s Lombard tarts (gluten free and vegetarian), cheese, pickled asparagus, balsalmic mushrooms, and baked apples.

If you do have any dietary concerns, please contact THLady Cass at

Investiture, February 13th

Join us to celebrate the Investiture of the 8th Baron and Baroness of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, Brandubh and Hildarun, on February 13th, 2016. This glorious day will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills, 2359 W Ingomar Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. Site opens at 9am and will close promptly at 9pm. Your autocrat for the day is Isabel Fleuretan (Jackie Lockhart) and can be reached at 724-448-3269 before 9pm, 403 Pin Oak Dr., Glenshaw, PA 15116, or isabellemaurienne{at}gmail{dot}com.

Site fees for the day will be $11 per adult, $6 per child 6-17, free for babes in arms up to age 5. Any adult unable to provide proof of membership at the door will be required to pay the $5 non-member surcharge. There will be a family cap of $34 for site fees.

Included in your admission will be the sumptuous lunch by Cassandra Matis. Any dietary concerns can be directed to her at cas{at}

But wait!!! Stay for the 3 course Italian feast that Cassandra will also be preparing! The first lucky 75 gentles that pay $9 will get the pleasure of course after course of the best that Medieval Italy has to offer.

Pre-registration is STRONGLY encouraged and can be sent to Sogtungui Bataar (Ron Krummer) at 312 Sewickley-Oakmont Rd, Pittsburgh PA 15237. Make checks payable to SCA- PA, INC – Debatable Lands.

This is a dry site, low enclosed flames only, service animals only. The upper parking area will be reserved for those with disabilities, staff, and royalty.