The Feast at Agincourt


The Agincourt Feast Menu is now available!

Due to food allergies, I have fully eliminated all nuts and nut milks from the recipes. There are also gluten-free options where indicated. Additional vegetarian options will also be available at the feast.

First Course
Barley Water (as we can’t provide ale and there’s no alcohol allowed on site)
Bread: Locally-made white bread. A gluten-free bread will be available.
Sowpys dory: Minced onions fried in oil with rice milk ladled over trenchers.
Hennys in bruet: Chicken and pork with salt, pepper, and cumin colored with saffron.
Tarlett: A pork tart with saffron, eggs, currants, powder douce, and salt.

Second Course
Berandyles: Chicken simmered in beef broth flavored with ginger, sugar, pomegranate seeds, and cloves.
Sawce madame: A sauce with a chicken broth base flavored with quince, pears, garlic, grapes, galingale, and poudre douce.
Perrey of pesown: White beans with vegetable broth, onions, oil, sugar, salt, and saffron. Similar to hummos.
Blomanger: Rice, cow’s milk , chicken, and saffron.
Tart de Bry: A tart of eggs, cheese, sugar, saffron, salt, and ginger. A gluten-free version of this dish will be available.

Final Course
‘Spiced Ale’: Because of the alcohol-free site, we will be serving spiced apple cider.
Wafers: Thin cookies made in an iron. A gluten-free option will be available.
Honeycomb: Squares of honeycomb.
Honey: Local honey.
Cheese: A fresh-made ricotta-like cheese.

This year’s feast is going to be a little different than in previous years. Please visit the feast page to learn more about what we have planned.

Fiber Guild Meeting Tuesday, Sept 13th

From our Fiber Guild Mistress, Lady Luceta:


This is a reminder that the BMDL fiber guild meeting is next Tuesday, September 13, at 7PM, at Songbird artistry in Lawrenceville, 4316 Penn Avenue, across the street from the Children’s hospital.

The theme is “what I did/saw/liked/bought/was inspired by at Pennsic”. Come talk about what you did last Pennsic, or what you are planning to do next year. Less than fifty weeks left!

There will be snacks and tea.
All are welcome.

See you all there!


P.S. Please let me know if you have any dietary restrictions snack wise.

Officers Meeting Minutes

Starting with the June 2016 Meeting, the minutes for Officer’s Meeting will be made available here on the Blog by the end of the month of that Officer’s Meeting. If you have any questions, please contact the Seneschal, Odriana vander Brugghe.

Bayeux Tapestry - Comet

Meeting Date: 17 August 2016
Minutes Recorded by: Odriana vander Brugghe

Officers in attendance: Brandubh, Hilderun, Odriana, Jorundr, Isenwulf, Elss, Hara, Anna, Ishiyama.

Others in attendance: Elizabeth, Bataar, Kieran, Lijsbet (visiting from Delftwood), Liam

The meeting was opened and the previous meeting’s minutes were approved by the Officers.

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness
We hope everyone had a wonderful Pennsic. We certainly did, and many folks from our Most Excellent Barony. We’d specifically like to thank Mistress Arianna for land-o-cratting, Master Emrys (Broom) for acting as our camp Reeve, and Master Antonio and THL Renata as his assistants, who did much of the set up. Also, Lady Rivka, our head retainer, was incredible and there for us, arranging retainers and whatever else we needed, every step of the way, and joining Her Excellency in the ice towel adventures! Also, THL Muirgheal, who helped Rivka significantly. Also Baron William and Mistress Irene, who supported the camp and us in every way. And the folks at their first Pennsic who were ready to jump in wherever they were needed, for Court set-up, retaining, opening ceremonies, feeding us, and more: Lady Katerra, Eleanora, Ronan, and Dorothea. Special shout out to Lady Elizabeth of the Debatable Lands, who help muchly with tear down and stayed to the very end.

Thank you also to Master Liam for putting on a wonderful Baronial Party on Sunday, along with his staff, Baroness Constance, Lady Arthes, Lord Alistair, Lady Katheryn, Lord Yoshi, and I’m sure more I’m forgetting (with apologies).

We’d also like to call out the Kingdom Officers in this Most Excellent Barony who worked hard for the Kingdom and the War. Their Majesties Byron and Ariella (Being Royal at War is no small service), Duke Christopher as Seneschal, Baron Tofi as Exchequer, and Baroness Gwendolyn as Jewel Herald, as well as Master Janos as War Chamberlain, Duchess Tessa as Earl Marshal, and Kameshima-kyo as Silver Buccle Herald. And all of their staff, a good deal of whom were Debatable Landers. Also to Lady Anaya, who served on Land Staff.

We will send more thank yous to the lists – there were so many who contributed so much.

Coming up, please do send us recommendation letters for Comets for Archers to the Wald, Agincourt, and 12th Night, all of which will have Baronial Courts. Additionally, we will be holding our Archery and Youth Archery Champs at Archers to the Wald, and Thrown Weapons and Youth Fighting Champs at Agincourt. We look forward to seeing the prowess of our archers, throwers and youth fighters, for the glory of our Barony!

Also, we hoped everyone is enjoying the Excellent Towels. If you didn’t get one, never fear, we will be making more!

As always, we are available to discuss anything Barony with anyone. We are available in person, by phone, by email, and on social media (Hilda on Facebook, Brandubh on G+)

–Additional – The Baronage wanted to highlight the service of the following gentles at Pennsic: Baroness Soteria with her work with Sylvan Army Support. Baroness Anna was at the inspection point on the Battlefield every day. Lady Adeliz was second in charge of DART (she was DART2).

The July Barony Meeting was very successful. Nearly everything that was offered in the garb exchange was taken and Sylvan Army Support raised $200 in the auction. We had a fantastic turnout and folks seemed to have a good time.

I am sure that Their Excellencies have an extensive list of folks that contributed at Pennsic and who were recognized for their skills, prowess, and service both at the Baronial and Kingdom level. The thing that I was proudest of was seeing folks from the BMDL pretty much everywhere doing basically everything. So very proud of us.

I communicated with Byron & Ariella about the November Harvest Revel Barony Meeting and they said that either Nov. 6th or 13th work. I was going to go with the 13th. To avoid conflict with King’s Crossing’s Birthday B(r)all event, this was agreed to by the officers.

Starting with September, I will be putting out a Seneschal’s letter on the first of the month on the BMDL Blog. The letter for the Althing will be delayed until after the quarterly publication to give them priority in publication months. I encourage everyone to consider doing the same to increase communication with the Barony.

There was an increase in the trailer storage costs at Cooper’s Lake so a new check needed to be written. As the increase was under $75, this was approved by the Seneschal and the Exchequer.

The Baronial Dinner was $100.87 under budget.

The Exchequer’s Quarterly report was submitted on time.

A&S Minister
The A&S Minister intends to have meetings at the Washington Blvd site and then they will move to the indoor site (The Environmental Charter School) when practices move indoors.

Three courts at Pennsic. Those court reports will go out later this week. The quarterly report is in on time. A call for Letters of Intent will be going out soon as Jorundr’s term is ending and he is seeking a replacement as Persuivant.

— I’ve spoken to about 8-10 newcomers in the past 2 months and that I’m still considering ideas about newcomer tokens. Also, Ruffina has agreed to be my drop dead deputy. Ronan has agreed to also deputy (not drop dead) and spread the word to the younger people out there.

The Quarterly Webminister’s report was submitted on time.

The Webminister is seeking contributions for the Debatable Blog — anything is welcome — anyone can submit an article to the webminister using his email address

Earlier on that day it was brought to the Webminister’s attention that Pharmacy ads were appearing in place of the website. The error was only occurring if you clicked a search engine link to get to the website. The website hosting company was contacted and the webminister sought other solutions until he found the source of the problem and corrected it. This still needs to be addressed from a security angle and the webminister is moving forward with that process.

Special mention was given to Ishiyama by the Seneschal for the speed of his response once he was aware of the depth of the problem. His response time from discovery to solution was within about an hour and a half. This kind of quick thinking and action ensured that we maintain 24×7 uptime for the website, which is crucial for the Barony.

Other Business
Event Bids
Event Bids for Iron Comet Challenge 2017 and Kingdom Twelfthnight 2017. Both bids were approved by the Officers and the Kingdom bid was submitted to the Kingdom after the meeting.

Revision to August Schedule
As the August Officer’s meeting always falls during Pennsic, the Officers agreed to move the August Officers Meeting to the first Wednesday after Pennsic from this point forward.

Baronial Policy Revisions
Proposed changes to Baronial Policy were distributed via email for discussion. Thank you to Pavel and Ceindrich for helping with the review.

20th Anniversary event + Fall Crown in 2017
An event bid is in the works in BMDL. Speaking with Herontir about co-hosting with them. Looking for input and co-conspirators. Want someone from every region on my staff. Financials will be running through the BMDL.

The meeting was adjourned.

Pewterer’s Guild

Pewter Casting Tools

Announcing the formation of the area’s first Pewter’s Guild. Lady Edana the Red will be opening her home to promoted the art of pewter casting. Her workshop, which sits in the rolling hills of West Deer, will be made available on Saturdays beginning September 10th. Times will be determined by those who wish to attend that day. Please contact her via Facebook (Brie Montgomery) to schedule a time. Times will be announced on Facebook.

Period techniques will be demonstrated from design, carving in soapstone and final creation. Other techniques use for casting a variety of metals will be explored as demand and visiting instructors allow. Create a personal token, badge or come with ideas. Costs vary greatly depending on each individual project and can be discussed. The workshop has everything required, but you are welcome to bring your own materials.

This is an adult work area due to the risk factors involves such as sharp tools, open flames and 500 degree or higher metals. Dress appropriately. Hair tied back, eye protection, no loose/synthetic clothing. arms, legs and feet covered.

Baronial Happenings at Pennsic, and More!

Hello Debatable Lands! Here’s a list of Baronial happenings at Pennsic that you may be interested in attending!

Saturday, August 6th, 5:15 pm muster at AE Royal (updated!). Opening Ceremonies is at 6pm in the Great Hall (new Barn). Come support the Kingdom and Barony! Bring your towel!

Sunday, August 7th, 5-8 pm. Debatable Lands Baronial Party and Court. Potluck, bring some food thing and your towel! Kingdom and Baronial Court is round about 7pm. More info HERE.

Sunday, August 7th, 8:30pm, Memorial for Countess Aiden, AE Royal

Sunday, August 7th, from 9am to 5pm. Gate Guards needed! The BMDL is responsible for providing gate guards all day for AE Royal. It’s a lot of fun, please sign up with Baroness Hilda. (We only have one volunteer so far… help? Email

Sunday Vigils: Vigil for Clewin Kupferhelbelinc for Defense Sunday, August 7th, during the day (evening?) Vigil for Irene von Schmetterling starts at 8:30 pm Sunday in the Debatable Lands Camp, N10.

Monday, August 8th, 7:30 pm, Debatable Choir Concert in the Performing Arts Pavilion

Monday, August 8th, 9 pm, I Genesii Performance in the Performing Arts Pavilion

Tuesday, August 9th, 6pm, Aethelmearc Kingdom Court, Great Hall (new Barn). Baronial retainers, guards, and champs to muster tentatively at AE Royal around 5:30? Exact details forthcoming, but I think that’s close to right.

Thursday, August 11th. The BMDL has been asked to provide retainers and guards for Their Majesties. Please contact Alaric or Elss to sign up. or

Friday, August 12th, morning, AE Royal tear down. We are asking Debatable Landers with free time then in particular to help with this. Royal often has enough hands for set up, but not tear down.

Friday, Field Battles! Battlefield. 10am Heavy, 1pm Rapier Bring your towels!

Baronial retainers will be needed for a lot of these things. If you can help us out, please contact our Head Retainer, Lady Rivka, at


And here’s a list of some Kingdom Happenings:

Sunday, July 31st, 10am-4pm, AE Royal Set up

Saturday, August 6th, 7pm-9pm, AEthelmearc Teen and Tween Party at AE Royal

Monday, August 8th, 6-8pm, Children and Families Party, AE Royal

Monday, August 8th, 8-11pm, Aethelmearc Party, AE Royal

Tuesday, August 9th, 6pm, Aethelmearc Kingdom Court, Great Hall (new Barn)

Their Highnesses also require retaining help, and you can sign up with Baroness Rowena at

SASS, the Sylvan Army Support Service, can use help watering and electrolyting our heavy and rapier armies. To sign up, and for more details, contact Baroness Soteria here:


Other Awesome Things we’d love to see Baronial folks at:

Saturday, August 6th, 10am-5pm, St Sebastian Archery Shoot

Sunday, August 7th, 1pm, AS 17, Newcomers Social

Sun-Fri, War week, Populace Archery shoot

Mon-Wed, War week. Volunteer War Point. Log your hours!!!

Thursday, August 11th, 9am to 3pm, A&S War Point. Great Hall

Details of the A&S, Volunteer, and all the Martial War Points can be found here:

CLASSES! Go to them! Share what you’ve learned after Pennsic.

Class schedules, as well as the overall schedule, and schedules for the war points, performing arts, artisans row, and more, can be found here:

Whew! Can’t wait to see you there!

In Levitate et Caritate,
Baroness Hilda

Letter from the Seneschal


It’s Pennsic time again and for those of us that are going, it’s a time of high activity – sewing, making things, planning parties, scheduling Pennsic class schedules, and looking forward to seeing friends that we see only once a year. For those of you who are not able to attend, know that we will miss you terribly and look forward to when we can share Pennsic with you.

Since my last letter, we have welcomed some new officers to the Barony; Baroness Anna Eisenkopf is our new Mistress of the Lists, Lady Elizabeth Parker is taking on the role of Chatelaine, and THL Elss of Augsburg is our new A&S Minister. To ​Baroness Elizabeth Arrowsmith​, Lady Edana the Red, and Master Meszaros Janos our outgoing officers; we thank you all for your service to our Barony. Vivat!

It was nice to see so many people join us for our Barony Meeting this past Sunday – there was nearly nothing left at the garb swap, the SASS auction raised $200, and folks who are new to Pennsic had the opportunity to learn more about what they were about to experience. Many thanks to Maighstir Liam and Baroness Constance for coordinating the garb swap, to Baroness Aemelia Soteria for holding the SASS auction, and to Lord Robert MacEwin of Thornhill for holding the Pennsic Newcomer’s Q&A session. Your contributions are very much appreciated.

Also since my last letter, the Barony has seen the creation of a new Guild and will be offering Equestrian activities within the Barony. The Pewterer’s Guild is lead by Lady Edana the Red and is available on a by-appointment basis on Saturday evenings. Contact Lady Edana the Red via email at to arrange a time. Equestrian practices are being lead by Lady Gesa Wallenstein and the schedule for those practices, along with Gesa’s contact informaiton, will be made available after Pennsic.

At Pennsic we will be holding our annual Baronial Dinner in Aethelmearc Royal Encampment on 7 August from 5p to 8p. There will be Baronial Court with some rumored Very Special Guests. Maighstir Liam is coordinating food for the light dinner. The Barony (through Liam) will be providing two protein entrees, plus water and lemonade. He is asking people to bring side dishes, desserts, and “other” beverages (the SCA doesn’t serve alcohol, but *you* can!) If you can contribute, please let Maighstir Liam know by adding your name and donation to the list.

On a more somber note, for those who knew and loved her, there will be a memorial for Countess Aidan just after the Baronial Dinner, starting at 8:30 in AEthelmearc Royal.

I wish everyone luck with finishing your Pennsic projects in time for Pennsic and, again, for those of you who are unable to go, we will be thinking of you and missing your presence.

With warmest regards,

​Odriana​, Seneschal

July Barony Meeting


​​​Come and join us at our Barony meeting and stay afterwards to participate in the Garb Swap, the SASS Auction, or attend a Q&A for new Pennsic attendees. Or bring a project and come spend some time with us in the sun. There will be a little bit for everyone and we can’t wait to see you there!

Baroness Hilderun and Baron Brandubh are bringing Excellent Towels to give out! THE YEAR OF THE TOWEL! (Also, if you got a faded one at May Barony meeting, if you want, bring it to trade in for a better printed one)

Here are the details on our post-meeting activities:

Pre-Pennsic Clothing Swap hosted by Baron Liam and Baroness Constance
If you have any garb/fabric/accessories that you no longer wear, have room for, etc. Please bring it to the meeting. As soon as the meeting is finished new folks get first pick, and then it’s open to everyone. This is an amazing way to pass on garb or exchange garb right before Pennsic. If you have things to donate but are unable to attend the meeting, please message Baroness Constance and she and Baron Liam will find a way to pick it up for you. Garb, shoes, fabric, trim, feast gear, jewelry, all are welcome! Let all help make the barony well clothed and happy!

Pennsic Primer with Lord Robert
First time going to Pennsic? Have some burning questions? Veteran Pennsic participant Lord Robert MacEwin of Thornhill will be conducting a Q&A session for new Pennsic goers right after announcements.

SASS Auction hosted by Baroness Aemilia Soteria
There will be auction items that will be available for auction with all proceeds benefitting SASS (Sylvan Army Support Services). Every Pennsic SASS provides watermelon, olives, pickles and water during the field battles to Aethelmearc and her allies. They serve both the Heavy Weapons and Fencing communities. There will be a minimum bid of $5 with every penny going to SASS. Donations will also be accepted.​

July Scriptorium: Attavanti Made Easy

Scriptorium is the monthly gathering of calligraphers, illuminators, wordsmiths, and anyone interested in taking up and learning more about these creative arts. We welcome all skill levels, from the most accomplished Laurels to those that have never picked up a pen or a brush. Become part of creating the atmosphere and visual splendor of the SCA!

This month, join us on Wednesday, July 20th, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at Kameshima and Isabel’s house in the North Hills. (Our address is listed in the Dark Pages, or you can contact us at scriptorium at debatablelands dot org for more information.) Our topic for July will be “Attavanti Made Easy” taught by THL Rachel Delicieux.

Easy shading and design tricks to get those perfect “mirror image” acanthus leaves and jewels to POP off the page. If you can free-hand a few acanthus leaves, draw a circle and can make a thin line with a brush, you already have all the skills you need. Please bring your own paints and brushes, as well as a fine lead mechanical pencil. By the end of the class everyone will be well on their way to producing a scroll blank in the style of the panels found in the artwork of Attavante degli Attavanti, with the knowledge needed to finish said blank on their own.

Please be aware, our house contains a cat, a dog, and an infant: medicate or otherwise prepare yourself as necessary.

Debatable Lands Pennsic Baronial Party and Court

Hello Debatable Lands!

Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda invite you to celebrate our Barony at the Great Pennsic War this August. Eat, drink, attend Court, be very merry, and bring your towels!

The Party will run from 5pm to 8pm on the middle Sunday of Pennsic War, August 7th, in the Aethelmearc Royal Encampment. Please come and enjoy food, drink, and most importantly, each others’ company!

We will be holding our 3rd Court during the party, and we hear rumors of some Very Special Guests!

Maighstir Liam is coordinating food for the light dinner. The Barony (through Liam) will be providing two protein entrees, plus water and lemonade. We are asking people to bring side dishes, desserts, and “other” beverages (the SCA doesn’t serve alcohol, but *you* can!) If you can contribute, please let Maighstir Liam know by adding to the list here:

We hope to see everyone there, at this celebration of our fair Barony!

~Hilda and Brandubh

PS: For those who knew and loved her, there will be a memorial for Countess Aidan just after our party, starting at 8:30, run by her friends, at AE Royal. Mistress Irene’s Vigil to contemplate inclusion into the Order of the Laurel will also be after the party, in the Debatable Lands encampment, block N10.

June 2016 – Officer’s Meeting Minutes

Starting with the June 2016 Meeting, the minutes for Officer’s Meeting will be made available here on the Blog by the end of the month of that Officer’s Meeting. If you have any questions, please contact the Seneschal, Odriana vander Brugghe.

Bayeux Tapestry - Comet

Meeting Date: 1 June 2016
Minutes Recorded by: Odriana vander Brugghe, Seneschal

Baron, Brandubh O’Donnghaile
Baroness, Hilderun Hugelman
Seneschal, Odriana vander Brugghe
Herald, Jorundr hinn rotin
Knight Marshal, Isenwulf Thorolfsson
Exchequer, Hara Kikumatsu
Mistress of the Lists, Elizabeth Arrowsmith
Webminister, Ishiyama Gen’tarou Yori’ie

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Other Attendees-
Keiran MacRae, Ceindrech verch Elidir, Cairdha Eilis, Elizabeth Arrowsmith, Alethea Cowle, Alister MacLeod, Arthes MacLeod, Elß of Augsburg, Pavel Dudoladov, Liam Mac an T’soir, and Angus (Noah Ternullo)

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness
We have declared this the year of the towel. Will be making more and will have them at practices and at the reception at Pennsic. Congratulations to Lord Robert and THL Kieran our new champions. Baroness Soteria and Lord Yoshi, Kingdom Champions (Thrown Weapons and Archery). On the fighting front, Count Isenwulf will be unit commander. THL Jorundr fencing commander. Deadline for Pennsic pre-reg is in 18 days, “Debatable Lands” is the group, will have a camp meeting at an upcoming Fight Practice. We will have the next Baronial Court at Pennsic, then Archers to the Wald, and Agincourt. Steltonwald is holding a “Bad Italian Wedding” event the same weekend as Coronation. Seven Pearls Event is August 20th, 3-day camping event, the weekend after Pennsic. We are encouraging all Champs and their Seconds to attend this event. All of the 7Pearls events will happen there.

Things are progressing smoothly, nothing major to report. Pennsic is upcoming and the cook for the BMDL dinner will be Maighstir Liam Mac an tSoir. The dinner is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, 7 August 2016 at 6p. Awaiting confirmation from the scheduler for the AE encampment.

Not much to report. But, we had one returned check from Harlech and got a new check and we are waiting for it to clear. Also, jut any expenses that come up that were already approved, get receipts and get them to Hara ASAP.

Knight Marshal
All martial stuff is happening, going smoothly. On the HW front, THL Keiran has expressed a desire to do some command stuff and will be doing that.

Minister of Arts and Sciences

DO A&S! Attend AEthelmearc Academy next weekend down in Ballachlagan! On top of the classes, there will be an A&S display of works in progress. Come on down and talk to others working in your areas, take some classes and learn something new!

Calling for Letters – As of June 1, I am looking for an individual interested in taking on the position of Baronial A&S minister. This individual is best served by having the following qualifications:

1- Paid member of the Society.
2 – Independently mobile, so as to be able to attend scheduled local, regional and Kingdom wide A&S functions.
3 – Highly self-motivated to pull together a very large group of disparate peoples into a cohesive program of classes and activities.
4 – Capable of taking on a two-year commitment to the Barony and the people therein. Your responsibilities will include setting up a local class schedule, working with the Baronial Guilds to get them active again, setting up periodic A&S displays at local and regional events, working with other local and regional A&S ministers to promote the arts and sciences throughout the Barony and the region.

Interested parties should declare their interest, with supporting information on why they think they would be good in this position to the A&S Minister by July 8th. Applications being taken by e-mail ( Thank you in advance for your service.

We had a court at WP, the court report will be published shortly. Report sent in on time. More courts forthcoming.

Please ask everyone to submit articles.

Mistress of the Lists
We had Baronial Champions! We have a fencing and Heavy Weapons champions, reports already submitted.

Still have a website. We’re not on the list of webministers who forgot to send their reports. The blog is still going, most of the posts are being made by Ishiyama – PLEASE SUBMIT CONTENT! If you need a login, get in touch with Ishiyama at

Other Business
Baronial Policy
Realized a policy review would be A Good Idea when reviewing it to make some needed changes.
Asking for one volunteer, someone not in a position related to policy to help with policy review. We have one volunteer already, Ceindrech verch Elidir.and Pavel volunteered to help.

Mistress of the Lists
One Letter received, from Baroness Anna Eisenkopf. Baroness Anna selected to replace Baroness Elizabeth. THANK YOU to Baroness Elizabeth for her service.

One Letter received, from Lady Elizabeth Parker. Lady Libby selected to replace Lady Edana. THANK YOU to Lady Edana for her service.